I am a bitter angry redneck liberal.

Okay, first off, shame on Hillary Clinton for wrapping herself so late in the game in the latest fashion of hard-working Americans. Shame on her for pretending she had to give a damn about the working class when she was shuffling off jobs overseas and cheerleading a bankruptcy bill for the socialized rich. And a special extra deep hearted jeer to her saying she now loves guns and God like she was George Allen.

I have long watched the Clintons lie with impunity, figuring you know, that’s just what politicians do. They lie. A lot. But when another politician, say Obama this time or Perot in the 90s, finally comes up and talks to America like adults and say some inconvient truths, that’s when the liars get to lying hardcore.

Now Hillary is all about steel barrels and gunpowder, when in the 90s she lead the Million Mom March against guns.

Now Hillary is all home spun craving to appear in potato sack dresses, when she is the very product and poster child of the Baby Boomer Entitled generation and has the upper crust of lobbyists and donors carrying her train of silk and tears around.

And now Hillary is demanding to be the moral compass of the country, when she regrets every major decision she has made in the Senate, be it war or economics. When Obama said that the countryside was bitter and grasped for guns and god, he was right. Because people like Hillary, and more so Bush, has failed them, and they grab for the last few things they can believe in. The power of the gun and the glory of God.

The reason there was a mass secularization in Europe over the last 30 years is because their government was competent and put the good of the people over the good of the upper class. The people in Europe realized they did not have to look to some mythical person in the clouds for security, they could provide it themselves, either economically, politically or health-wise.

It is politicians like Hillary Rodham Clinton who have stolen this from everyday Americans. If she wants to claim the 90s as her experience, then she must also claim the massive selling out of America to foreign interest of the 90s as well. If she wants to claim her time in the White House on her resume, then she must accept responsibility for the subprime crisis created under her husband. She can’t selective claim experience, she must accept accountability for Waco, the Iraq War, the Bankruptcy Bill and countless other acts during her time of “experience” which have made the countryside bitter.

That is why Hillary is screaming like a banshee about this comment by Obama, because she and her fellow upper class cronies have created the bitter environment most of the country must deal with. Hillary knows if people start connecting the economic and political dots, it will all lead back to her in one way or another. So she must yell “Elitist!”, other wise people might notice she is what she says, and that she is attacking with her greatest weakness, her sense of entitlement.

Obama told the truth, and Hillary decided to lie about it once again. But I have to give her credit, the way she has been running this campaign, I am surprised she didn’t say Obama was “uppity.”

Because that’s the racial code word Hillary is using here, “elitist” for “uppity”, and Clinton really wishes Obama would know his place, in the back of her campaign bus, or at least under it.


  1. Enjoy your circus Americans, Rome is about to fall.

  2. to find that Hillary and Bill, despite their $109-million in income, are just plain folks who can feel your pain.

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