Hollywood for the Ugly

Get your outrage on.

Too slight to quote, you just have to click the links.

Glenn Greenwald- Why the Jeremiah Wright story deserves more attention

Rachel Sklar- WHCD: Swanky, Sweaty and Star-Studded


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  1. Snark?

    I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • brobin on April 29, 2008 at 22:45

    Barack got all jiggy on him today and told me I can’t defend him.  

    Now I must say that he is not very nice and has mental issues.

    I am very sad to have to change my story, not that anyone will notice in the scheme of things, but still!  I had no credibility left after I defended him going on Faux News, so now I’m fucked.  

    Oh well, there are millions of more just like me that will recommend my stupid comments just the same.  Happy days are here again, and stuff.

    The musings of crazed pol.  It happens, every four years.  Usually, just not this bad.

    • TMC on April 29, 2008 at 22:58

    on the WHCD ala Joan Rivers.

    There were some truly awesome noses in those pictures. Donatella Versace needs to find another plastic surgeon. And  Jamie Rubin’s nose could certainly use a trim or was it just  the camera angle? I guess Christine loves him just the way he is.

    Charlie Rose looks like he is plastered. Actually so did Glynnis.

    Listen up, Gentlemen, either shave or grow a beard this 5 o’clock shadow look is really just well scruffy looking. Take a page from Wolf Blitzer. He always looks well groomed.

    I couldn’t get a real good look see at the gowns the ladies were wearing but there were a lot of bare shoulders on some ladies that look like they needed a good meal.

    I might have more later after i watch the You Tube stuff 😉

  2. what a bunch of sleaze bags. The celebs who bring us the news/and tell us how to think and what to think about. Then they party down with the gangsters who run the world and yuck it up! nice.    

  3. from Obama here distancing himself from Wright.

    My question: why has it been so critical for the press to corner Obama and squeeze him hard enough to disagree with Wright? Why haven’t they done this to McCain vis a vis his spiritual adviser(s)? Why is it so important we all jump in lock step to say Wright is wrong? Why is debate in America now a content of how quickly we can all say exactly the same thing? Why are Americans so fragile and insecure that they can’t handle somebody pointing out a few things that are wrong with America?

    I am not an Obama fan, but by the time this campaign is over he will have been forced to retract every single even vaguely critical thing that everybody he has ever known for his entire life has said. The guy won’t be allowed to have ideas because, well, they have turned out to be dangerous.

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