Even Truman Would Turn In His Grave

`In Mishima’s Morning News the lead story by the New York Times is one of the most ‘must reads’ coming  out of the Iraq War. In painstaking detail, the Times shows, with exquisite examples, how the corrupt TV news outlets colluded with the Pentagon to sell and re-sell this war. These News Chiefs, despite claims of innocence go down as war criminals in my book,

But that is not what this diary is about.

I have a masters in public administration and I am 60 and retired after 15 years working for the government at the highest levels. This is some of the best investigative journalism I have ever read. I thank the New York times for publishing it. I now want you to do one more thing that is imperative to all your readers and the paper itself. I might ad the country needs you to do this also. Do not let this story drop. Keep it up dig deeper and keep us informed. If you do this this country may have a chance. I wrote my final paper for my masters on the power of the press. You have the power to make change more than any politician. The government knows this and that is why they spined those generals. Please I beg of you get this info out and not just for a day or a week but for months until they are held accountable to the people. My mother a Biologist is 89 and I asked her if there was ever in her lifetime anything as bad as this and she said no. I also agree with this. The country is falling on all fronts and if we are not careful it will slip away. Please try and find out for us how much Bush and Chaney have made on this war. Look into Bush Sr, who will pass his fortune to his son, and his connections to the Carlyle Group. They think we are all dumb.See if you can find these connections and than the real truth will be told.

– wixie, east Hampto



That is a quote from one of over 450 people who, at this hour,have already commented in the Times to this story, I cannot stress strongly enough how much I agree with Wixie – we cannot, must not let this story die.

No analysis of mine can do the story justice. You already have the link from Mishima. Read it.“

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