Caught a Virus on My Computer

It’s called AOH.  Apparently.

Have you ever had that moment, when it just clicks?  The metaphors and cliches describing the the moment are myriad.  It dawned on me.  I was struck by the notion.       Then I saw it clear as day.

I was reading Booman’s recent observation about the press yet again  seeming to manipulate things in an anti-Obama way. And Boise Lib’s take on finger gate.  And plasticseapolluter’s catch of the job the foreign press is doing on our country’s embrace of torture and terror tactics, while the U.S. media more or less ignores these crimes.  And OPOL’s ode to a love — and to a life as an activist artist.

Just reading on a Sunday morning, when I couldn’t sleep.  And I got it.  Got something.  Finally.  Something I’ve maybe known.  But I got it.  Like when the lightning hit the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the road to Ragu.

It doesn’t matter what “they” say.  It doesn’t matter what “they” do.  It doesn’t matter who “they” are.  “They” can’t seem to stop the forces that are making our society able to communicate in real time on a peer-to-peer basis.

You tube?  It’s not just a reference for northern Michiganders getting out on the Rifle River anymore.

Blaaugg?  Not a slight lapse in etiquette after a particularly satisfying meal.

Sell phone?  Not a question for the lady running the garage sale, as you express interest in the old Bakelite rotary model.

I haven’t watched the television in a long, long time.

Our ability to communicate is ripping the lid off democratic forces.  They can’t control it.  They must be scared to death.  There is no one-source, one-way mass media to stuff it down our throats.

Obama is going to upset Hillary Clinton.  Something he should have never done.  Not in the old world.  Our country is going to elect a vibrant, wonderful black man as president.  (And I’m not wearing blinders, I know he is flawed — but to me he seems a whole hell of a lot more like “us” than any other candidate in my lifetime).  We’re going to elect him, because a majority of us who see him, like and respect and are inspired by him.

Not because he is a favorite of corporate donors.  Or party insiders.  Or the media class that tells us what to think.

They are loosing their grip on us.  We are the revolution.  And it really won’t be televised.  Who’d of thunk.

Truly.  Audacity of Hope.


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  1. spaces are out there.  Everywhere.

  2. we need ourselves.

    i think, therefore i am???? if that is so, then it follows:::

    what i think can be made so.

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to your essay.

  3. So good for my payche!


    • kj on April 20, 2008 at 16:39

    kind of “echo chamber” around these parts, this is true.  Welcome, Joe!

  4. this week who were talking about the pitfalls of the internet and technology. At one point, I did have to interrupt and say, “Wait a minute…consider this…”

    I agree, there are forces at work these days that have been unleashed and aren’t likely to go back in the bottle. AOH indeed!!!

  5. and it’s Satanic successor Voluntary Indentured Slavery To Assholes are in fact a cancer upon man.

    Best part about all of this house of cards operating systems is that when it all comes crashing down they can blame it on the “terrorists”.

    The predatory business practices pioneered by Microshaft became a worldwide IT industry standard, thus contributing to the decline of western civilization.

    • RiaD on April 20, 2008 at 20:04

    full of hope & truth…just what i needed this sundayAM!


  6. Google

    Seems like the type of thing AdAware, Spybot, or AntiVir should be able to handle.

    If you’re not getting good results you need to plug it into a clean protected system and scan it from there.

  7. And I could not agree more.

    There are a half dozen essays on this site right now that provide more information than a year on TV – maybe more.

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