Ethanol-Biodiesel-No water…

Is it real or is it not.

I can tell you igniting a 2 liter coke bottle full of this stuff was scared me away from ever doing that again.  I can also say the process can not be acheived with simple tap water.  The water will in fact bubble and break down into HHO even with only a twelve volt battery connected to stainless steel pipe within a pipe electrodes.  This does leave a heavy brown residue (eeewww, I drink this crap?) after five minutes of operation.

Stan though acheives his breakthrough by electronics.  A frequency and voltage combination even a specific waveform needed to make the whole process work.  I have not found it, not yet.  And is there some justification for the “zero point” concept.  Is it an empty quest for a perpetual motion machine?  I tend to think every generation has it’s assholes like J.P Morgan.  J.P. funded the work of Nicola Tesla who is little known but was in fact the father of the alternating current system we use today.  Nicola’s dream was free energy for all, J.P. wanted an electric meter to charge people with it.

Here is another link related to power from water.  This theory uses ultraviolet light and advanced math to model atomic transition states in water.  Water as it turns out is more complex than just H2O…

Last up is Eugene Mallove an MIT cold fusion researcher who died under strange circumstances.


Conventional science training gives us Laws, and these laws say this or that is the way it is and that is it.

Then we have lawyers, whose job it is to tell you what the law says.

I have always been a free spirit, looking at man observing that he does not obey his own laws.  Fuck the laws, I’m going to the lab.

20 years in R&D only tells me we can measure things better, fabricate things better and that the biggest obstacle to progress are the control freak assholes who insist on making a profit from it.


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