Docudharma Presidential Endorsement: George W. Bush

Yes. You read that right.

After completing a deep personal consideration that included exiting this time space continuum and meditating in tantric union with Montana Wildhack in a dome on Tralfamadore for 23 years…I have come to the conclusion that the inhabitants of this planet deserve to suffer…..more.

And I can’t think of a better way to increase their suffering than having George W. Bush refuse to step down.

Why do they need to suffer more? As I posited in NL’s recent essay it sometimes seems that that the only way people change is through crisis….and we need change desperately!

So here we human beings are on April First 2008……..facing some hard choices, while things get steadily worserer on this third rock from a minor sun in a rather nondescript little galaxy. One choice that looms larger each day will either present (in the grand scheme of things) a relatively small change for the worst, McCain…or a relatively small change for the better…a Dem.

I say why fuck around? I say we go for BIG change!


Bring It ON!!!

All of it, the end of democracy, world wide resource wars, environmental destruction on a unimaginable scale, the final unmasked emergence of a worldwide aristocracy based on wealth, (no matter how you came by it) the full on oppression of anyone who doesn’t conform, full on electronic surveillance of ALL citizens of the planet to ensure they conform, persecution and punishment of transgressors utilizing the models in fundamentalist religion (take yer pick of Christianity or Islamic fundamentalism) …..IOW, the end of  life as we kow it ad the imposition of all of our worst nightmares and all of ‘their’ dreams.

THAT should wake some folks up!!!

Why slouch towards disaster when we can stand tall and embrace it? Why let entropy and inertia lead us to destruction when we have supremely qualified leaders who can do the job? Why sit American Idoly in front of our TeeVees when we could be on the front lines cheering and rooting for Armageddon? Throw off your chains you Peace loving tree hugging libruls, you have nothing to lose but….well…..everything! But don’t let that stop you, join the Draft Bush As Dictator Movement today!






Or we could just elect McCain.


After all, the current paradigm on this woeful planet is the wealthy and powerful Death Merchants co-opting governments and politicians to move their agenda of greed and resource hegemony forward. Who are we peons to say our betters nay?


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  2. Why vote for the lesser of two evils when you can go all the way!

  3. as long as we get to do this in the end.

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… i think i like it.

  5. but then again I won’t be here…….suckers

  6. …stopping short of your – literal – “nuclear option”…

    1. Get George Clooney to play Dennis Kucinich at the convention. With hordes of delegates running around trying to decide between Obama and Hillary, they may just throw up their hands and decide to cast their lot in with a good looking guy who talks sense and can pronounce the names of foreign countries correctly.

    2. Have the producers of American Idol run our general election. Everyone gets to vote by the show’s method of calling in. And…who wouldn’t want to see McSame’s rendition of “Impossible Dream” in full Elvis costume?

    3. Just have Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney decide which party will run the government based on a ‘your mama’ contest. Chris Rock could officiate.

    Any one of these choices, I daresay, would capture the enthusiasm of the American populace far more than this “voting” thing that we do. It’s so pre-9/11.

    • robodd on April 1, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    happy sin.  The bad brings you closer to the good.  

    I’m with you all the way on this Buhdy. Seriously.

  7. Hail to The Decider Dictator!

    • kj on April 2, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Why slouch towards disaster when we can stand tall and embrace it?

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