Updated – Feedback: Special Iraq Occupation Issue

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We’ve started something new on this blog.  We’re calling it Feedback.  It’s a newsletter, but we aren’t doing it the traditional way.  You can see the evolution of this project here.

Here’s the short explanation which will be found in every issue we publish:

(what is this?) The internet, primarily through blogs, has brought about a communications revolution. Yet the traditional media has maintained their position as information gatekeepers, and they won’t let you hear us.

We can’t bring about change when the media ignores us. We can’t rely on politicians to fix things for us. So we’re through playing nice. We’re done begging for attention. We’re bypassing the media and coming direct to you.

We can solve our problems if we work together. We can make things better when all of us try. All we’re asking for is your help. So we can generate a little Feedback.

While this will normally be a weekly publication, due to our various schedules, we realized we had to delay our official launch for a couple weeks.  Despite that, we were determined to have something ready for this week, and somehow, we’ve managed just that.

Now we need your help.

We’re publishing a special 2 page issue focusing on war and specifically the war in Iraq.  But in order to get this out to people, we need you to print it and distribute it.  With your help, we can get this out in every city across the nation.

For those who don’t want to follow the link above, I’ll sumarize what specifically we’d like you to do.  Send an email to feedback.news.report{at}gmail.com1 with “subscribe” in the subject line.2  Late tonight, we’ll start sending out the the pdf file.  (Warning: it will be approximately 1.2MB.)  Print it and make as many copies as you like.  Pass them out wherever you can.  Be subtle or overt.  It’s up to you.  You know your area best.

In those two pages, we have reprinted with permission diaries by Turkana, Meteor Blades, and buhdydharma, and a short poem on war by Robyn (aka rserven).  While it’s likely that you have already read these works, we can be certain that there are millions of people who have not.  We’re asking you to get these authors’ words out to as many people as possible.

And starting next week, we’ll begin asking for more help as we start searching for stories for our official launch issue.  Stay tuned to find out what more you can do to inform people and help inspire them to act.

We can solve our problems if we work together. We can make things better when all of us try. All we’re asking for is your help. So we can generate a little Feedback.


Update:  And it’s official!  The special issue is sent.  If you signed up and haven’t received an email, my apologies and please try resending your subscription request.  I made sure to send out to everyone from whom we received a request.


1 I apologize for the long email address.  I tried to find a shorter one to use, but they were already taken.

2 You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to the same address with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.


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  1. Editor: pfiore8

    Layout and Design: VictoryCoffee

    Nominal Lead: Me

    Special thanks:

    • buhdydharma for allowing us to use his blog as our home;
    • Turkana, Meteor Blades, Robyn, and buhdydharma (again) for granting permission to use their works;
    • Every one of you who’s willing to distribute copies.  How well we succeed is up to you.
  2. Let’s get the intertubes humming!

  3. Just sent my subscription email.  Will try to pass some out at the Iraq Moratorium event on Friday.  

  4. And a reminder to everyone, you can sign up at any time.  Now that the issue is available, we’ll send it to you as confirmation that you’re on the subscribers list.

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