Focus on War: Returning to the Scene of the War Crime

“It’s good to be back in Iraq,” Cheney said…


Just a quick recap of the history of the 21st Century, for any of you who may have made the incredibly wise decision to spend this century under a rock.

An American President gets a blowjob, $40 million is spent to investigate said blowjob, said President impeached.

Americans, shocked!, jerk their knees at this sexual horror and vote for an incompetent, corrupt, lying idiot in great enough numbers to allow the Republican dirty tricks machine and old boy network to steal the election. Whom, it also turns out….shockingly enough given the Republicans record on this sort of thing…is a War Monger and ultimately, a War Criminal.

A bunch of Saudis based in Afghanistan kill 3000 Americans, AND destroy valuable private property! Americans, under a War Mongering Republican President and a batshit insane paranoiac, Machiavellian, Vice President who had obviously closely studied the history of Fascism and taken it to heart…..respond to the Saudi/Afghan attack by ……..invading Iraq. It is PURE coincidence that these two oil men happen to preemptively invade a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with the attacks on Americans but that just happens to be the weakest nation that has the largest oil reserves. Pure coincidence, really. The fact that they manufactured and twisted every shred of evidence they used to justify this blatant War of Aggression (War Crime) has nothing to do with it. Pay no attention to the elephant behind the curtain.

(The fact that George’s Daddy couldn’t kill Sadaam, and that Sadaam tried to kill George’s Daddy, and that now George keeps Sadaam’s penis pistol in his office after having him hung is, we hope, just the pathological icing on the cake of twisted psyches involved in this sordid tragedy)

Unfortunately, those investors who bought into candy and flower futures in anticipation of a run on the market by Iraqis welcoming their liberators….didn’t do so well. Nor did the occupiers. Though the man in charge of clusterfucking the Occupation beyond even the lowest of expectations, L. Paul Bremer….says he wouldn’t do anything differently

BLITZER: You still think it was the right decision?

BREMER: Yes, I do.

BLITZER: Despite everything we now know that there were no weapons of mass destruction, that any connection between Al Qaida and Saddam Hussein was very minimal if there was anything serious there. You still think it was the right thing to do?

BREMER: I do. I think it was the right thing to do, and I think Iraq is on the road now to becoming – it will take time – a democratic government in the middle of the Middle East, which is, in itself, quite an accomplishment.

So, I respectfully disagree with the senator. And I think it’s not clear – he makes the argument – I don’t think it’s true – that we are less safe than we were before. I don’t think that’s true. We have lost almost 4,000 Americans’ lives there, and that’s a tragic cost that we have had to pay.

Yes a tragic cost…..remind me why we had to pay it again, though? Oh, never mind, you will just recycle the same CYA bullshit you War Criminals have been spouting for half a decade now.

Returning to our history………who could have anticipated that the citizens of a sovereign nation would resist it’s Imperialist Occupiers? Well….just about everyone but said occupiers. More proof that having your head firmly up your ass tends to disrupt the old cognitive powers. And of course the fact that Iraq as we know it was invented as a country by previous Imperialists and has always been a hotbed of ethnic and sectarian rivalry that would erupt as soon as it had the chance seems to have gotten lost in the Republican Rectum as well. Sure…tons of people told them it would be the biggest blunder and tragedy in the history of American Foreign Policy….but what do those guys know?

A Government was formed and peoples fingers got colorfully and photogenically purpleized, those elected promptly stuck their purpled fingers up their rosy red rectums and have been sitting on them ever since. The one thing I have to give the Iraqi “Government” credit for is not selling off their oil to the first schmuck to come along with some magic beans.


Years and years of sectarian violence and insurgency against the Occupiers and rivals for power ensue. Again, who could have anticipated this? It’s not like there have ever been other instances of Imperial Occupation that have turned out badly…are there?

Little Donny Rumsfeld, whose delusions of mental grandeur apparently trumped all military wisdom, history, advice and common sense and is directly responsible for not just his part of the invasion, but the implementation of torture and the prolongation of disaster based on his THEORY of how wars work, by not sending enough occupiers….is finally fired. Four years after the invasion, four years into an occupation that caused 4 million refugees to flee their homes, the clowns in charge finally hearkened to the fact that you need a massive amount of boots on the ground to oppress a country of proud freedom fighters, (walk a mile in their shoes) escalated the number of brave American soldiers who have been required to risk…and pay with….their lives for these asshats stunning hubris and its accompanying jaw dropping incompetence. In combination with Blackwater, a huge mercenary army paid for by the American taxpayers and headed by semi-admitted Christian Crusaders, they have manged to quash the violence down to a level that the asshats in the MEDIA have been able to successfully spin into “success.” After which, they promptly stopped reporting any evidence that they too have their hatrack worthy heads up their Hershey Highways. (Are we sensing a theme?) And are thus facilitating  the occupation, which THEY were so instrumental in abetting and mythologizing, to continue unchallenged….instead of leading each hour of “news” with a giant WTF??? banner superimposed over the Mission Accomplished banner of Commander Codpiece.


And what, the intelligent student of history might ask at this point, of the Democrats, the putative opposition Party? Surely they were fighting tooth and nail and doing all they could to oppose, counter, and legislate the war out of existence or at least defund it, cutting off George and Dick’s allowance so that the could no longer play Armymen with the lives of real people? Sadly, tragically, heartbreakingly…even after the American People elected them in truly stunning numbers in 2006 …specifically as a reaction to the now unpopular war, counting on them to stop the insanity with this clear mandate…the fearless feckless Democratic ‘Leadership,’ spent their time cowering in fear of being called bad names by Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity….at the cost of nearly a thousand more American lives since the were elected…to stop the loss of American lives.

And here we stand today, the stopgap surge about to fail, at the cost of a now indisputably broken military and National guard. The summer heat about to raise the levels of violence, in the wake of a now broken internal coalition between the warlord Al Sadr and his enemies….and STILL….with no solution or resolution anywhere NEAR a horizon visible to the human eye.

MAYBE….after eight more months of Stupid Campaign Tricks….someone other than this older, more senile version of the madman George “the Torturer” Bush and his Zombiemaster Dick “Plame Treason” Cheney will be elected


Elected to sit in the White House to preside over and attempt to repair the incomprehensible damage that George Bush….who unlike the President at the beginning of this little jaunt through history has NOT been impeached….has inflicted upon the world…and America.

An America that has become a systematic torturer and imprisoner of innocents without trial. An America that has killed perhaps hundreds of thousands Of Iraqis who had been minding their own business. An America that has given up or been stripped of its most precious and fundamental Constitutional Rights for the sake of “security.” An American teetering on the edge of Depression thanks not only to a TWO TRILLION dollar folly of titanic dimensions….but also to massive tax cuts for the rich and superrich… a time of war…when ordinary people are sacrificing their brothers and sisters and sons and daughters….

All for……all for…….all for….


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    • Mu on March 17, 2008 at 7:46 pm


    The Iranian leader went from Baghdad’s airport to a meeting with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who gave him a red-carpet welcome. The two kissed four times on the cheek in the traditional fashion and a band played the two countries’ national anthems.

    “We had very good talks that were friendly and brotherly. … We have mutual understandings and views in all fields, and both sides plan to improve relations as much as possible,” Ahmadinejad said in a news conference with Talabani at the Iraqi president’s residence, located across the Tigris River from the new U.S. Embassy in the fortified Green Zone.

    Talabani said the two discussed economic, political, security and oil issues and planned to sign several agreements later. But he said the issue of borders, including the disputed Shatt al-Arab waterway between the two countries, was not discussed.


    And Cheney’s reception was what?

    Of course, it wasn’t all “… and giggles”:

    After arriving at Baghdad International Airport, Ahmadinejad rode in a motorcade – and not aboard helicopters – to central Baghdad down a road that once was controlled by Sunni insurgents. He arrived to warm smiles from Talabani and a line of Iraqi officials at Talabani’s compound, where he was under the protection of Kurdish pesh merga fighters and other Iraqi forces. Iraqi authorities locked down the neighborhood surrounding Talabani’s compound and closed two major bridges across the Tigris River, snarling traffic in much of the capital.


    But compared to Bush and Cheney and Rice and Gates/Rummy sneaking in and out of Iraq. . .

  2. and we still have something of an infrastructure as inadequate as it is. Who saves the Iraqi people? They seem to be stuck with a “do it yourself project” of unholy proportions.

    • brobin on March 17, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    is just in the Middle East so he can

    a) set the neo-con tone prior to Petreaus’ next dog and pony before congress and

    b) bet the Saudi’s to pay for the J.P. Morgan / BushCo bailout of Bushs’ Folly (aka the American economy)

  3. Even with the appropriate tags…

  4. I am supposed to post a Focus on War article on the 19th at 9:00PM. Is that EST (6:00PM PST)?

    I just tag it Focus On War (and other tags)?

  5. plans proved to be too costly and disruptive to be reasonable.  Larry then made sure the towers were fully insured.  A group called Project for the New American Century needed a “catalyzing event” to justify a war to stimulate the economy………….That’s what I’m telling my grandson.

  6. no wonder we are doing so well in iraq……

  7. But whatever happens, remember this: These war criminals have not given up and they are continuing on with their plans unabated. They will not stop until they are either dead, in jail, or have achieved their objectives. They took the lessons learned from an actual live test of the Force XXI and designed a new “leap-ahead” Army, outfitted with a Future Combat System. This system is so important to them, they have accelerated the development and delivery. (Perhaps cutting corners too).

    Meanwhile: A) The IRS continues to facilitate the importation of illegal migrant workers from Mexico through Canada in order to drive down labor wages and facilitate the breaking of labor unions. B) The Air Force is co-opted to do the work of oil corporations by controlling the weather, hiding global warming, and perhaps a hell of a lot more then what meets the eye. C) Oil corporations refuse to seriously address a gigantic looming energy crisis that will result in a massive global famine of four (five…six) billion people. D) An economy that will continue to shrink as resources (and energy) become more scarce. E) And Democrats continue to turn a blind eye to the real crimes in order to court corporately financed campaigns.

    Fuck them. I am not buying it. They will obey their masters and take the blame for the coming pain; while all the while, the world as we know it will come crashing down into another “dark age”.

      • Mu on March 17, 2008 at 8:07 pm


      “We spent trillions to invade Iraq ….and all we got was this lousy t-shirt.”

      You know, with Cheney standing next to Bush in Baghdad while behind them some building topples over as Bush wears “Mouse Ears” and seems thoroughly engaged with a snowcone, and Cheney’s wears a T-shirt that has an arrow pointing to his left, towards Bush, and, just above the arrow the words, “I’m With Stupid“.  You can envision it, can’t you?

      Any chance you can get Dood to allow his orange captors to parole him to this site sometime soon and put that one together???

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