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Can’t get yesterday out of my mind.

Election “news” and all of it’s resulting babbling paled in comparison to this marine and is wasn’t until a lamestream media “story” about the entire affair came on this very morning.  They, for once actually covered all of the angles but why now.

They took the time to analyze the video to the extent that the video didn’t match the yelping sounds, suggesting it was a fake.  It was the sort of analysis that was completely absent in the aftermath of 911.  Gee, they never noticed the squibs coming out of the towers before they fell, the nonexistent field of debris of a 757 on the Pentagon lawn or Jane Standley of the BBC reporting the fall of WTC 7 minutes before it fell.  The usual response to this is “do you think we didn’t go to the moon too”.

Ya, well I need a reason to get up in the morning.  Yesterday I had to ask God several times if it was time to tack him up.  Does he know something I don’t.

Is there some specific reason to continue in a society of psycho mental defectives?

The Few,The Proud…….puppy-cliff assholes.

Now an entire industry has emerged around 911 truth as it is the event that started it all.…

For the total graphic illustrated version go here.

Architects and engineers, pilotsfor911truth, celebrities, former spys and government officials globally are all reviewing the official fairy tale of 911.

So why is it all of the things which make you life and mine more miserable come from get ignored while media presents “issues” you should be concerned about and blacklisting others.

youtube comments on this are now running in favor of 911 truth.…


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  1. some weird shit happened. But there’s money to be made by the billions swallowing and championing the official story.

    So that is what the military industrial intelligence complex has done. Even though individuals within that complex may know better, a mortgage to pay and a pension to collect are the surest disabler of moral courage I’ve experienced. I was in the govt on 9/11 and I was in DC and people I knew died. We can’t bring them back but would sure as hell want a nonpolitical investigation with technical experts in the lead, and not politicians. That is never going to happen though. Like Rome never investigated who was responsible for the last barbarian invasion, you know, the one where the day after, the temple rites ceased. How long before our temple rites cease is an interesting question, but the smart money emigrates long before that happens. Peace, lasthorseman, take care of yourself and your family and your neighbors and friends, and watch all these grand matters fade away, unimportant in comparison

  2. it figures…

    • KrisC on March 6, 2008 at 4:46 am

    Do you agree the information in this video is correct?

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