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Well, Richard Gilmore will not be so happy about this and neither am I since we’re both Formula 1 fans.

Actually me not so much, since I’ve really always been partial to American open wheel road track racing, especially during the glory years of CART when their turbocharged 8s kicked the ass of the effete normally aspirated 10 and 12 cylinder sewing machines that powered the effeminate aerodynamic computerized robo-cars of Formula 1.

Those days are gone and all that remains is turning left bumper cars to amuse the tailgating brain dead beer drinking NASCAR bozos who think professional wrestling is a real sport.

Well goodbye dinosaurs and your petroleum polluting global warming antics.

Gone the way of polar bears and penguins you no longer amuse me.

(h/t Atrios)


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  1. Fucking Nazis.

  2. You’re a rare breed. Well, I already knew you were a man of distinction.

    I have a cold and I am awake due to nose pluggage and ear pain. I think work might survive quite nicely without me tomorrow.

    Two more weeks and I am heading to Boston. City of original six hockey and history. And seafood. And beer, even though beer isn’t my favorite.

    • kj on March 31, 2008 at 14:59

    well, i could be making this all up, but i think it was Mario Andretti who drove the first turbo charged car in the Indy 500. but the car broke down near the end and A.J. Foyt took the checkered flag, and then uttered the words that earned him my disdain forever… “Cheaters never win.”  the next year of course, he was driving a turbo. he dissed my Mario and i never forgave him.

    but i’m not sure if any of this is true, or just a vague memory that i embellished.  

    • kj on March 31, 2008 at 15:07

    i googled, and it think it was Parnelli that drove the turbo-charged engine that broke down and A.J. dissed!  my brother’s hero was Parnelli and he taught me how to drive like him.  🙂

    little known fact:  i was going to name my first son Parnelli.

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