The Impeachment of Eliot Spitzer

My friends, the choice before us can not be more stark or more clear.

On the one hand we have a man who, if every single allegation and inference is proven true, paid money to have sex and tried to conceal that fact from his wife, the government, and the people who elected him.  He hypocritically denounced the crimes he was committing.


On the other hand we have a man who is a war criminal.  Who’s administration has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents (maybe along with a few guilty). and rendered millions homeless refugees.  Who has condemned millions of women to Sharia Law and Burkas.  Who lied 935 times to us and the whole world.  Who is even now plotting to extend this illegal war that has damaged our national defense and our economy in a direction that will DESTROY IT!  We can not beat Iran.

We.  Will.  Lose.

Not only that, they have raped our Constitution and laws- Habeas Corpus, Torture and the Geneva Convention, Warrentless Wiretapping and National Security Letters, Ignored Supeonas and Signing Statements, Corruption of the Department of Justice and Selective Prosecution.

Made it happen on purpose or let it happen on purpose?  Katrina, Recession, Out of control Mercenary Armies, Poisoned Water Supplies, Crappy Equipment, Crappy Food, Crappy Leadership, and Embassies as big as the Vatican pre-built as non-functional ruins under no bid crony contracts.

These people are-

  • Thieves
  • Liars
  • Torturers
  • Murderers

And Traitors.

The Second Circle

Let’s talk about the New York State Republican Party shall we?

They are within 2 seats of losing their majority in the State Senate.  The last majority they have and are ever likely to in their lifetimes because the Republican Party of New York State has collapsed into regional insignificance.

There is no way at all they can get a single article of impeachment to the floor of the Assembly for a vote without-

  • Bi-Partisan Support

including the complicity of the Speaker and the Democratic leadership.


Despite it’s sure and inevitable defeat they are willing to call for Eliot Spitzer’s impeachment.

Because he’s not popular.

Even though he’s way more popular in every respect to W and his thieves, liars, torturers, murderers, and traitors except among the Villagers of the Beltway/NYC Media/Money/Politco Complex.

The Point

I’m not publicly calling the Spitzer Scandal another Monica-Gate.  Why would I when the script is as obvious as watching Jamie Sommers lip syncing Steve Austin’s lines?

Can you only be threatened with impeachment if you’re a Democrat in a sex scandal?


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  1. So I’m thinking of cross posting.

    What do you think?

    • robodd on March 11, 2008 at 23:51

    means war with Iran, you think?

    You know George, this is not a contest to see how big a shitload can be left for the next president.

    • brobin on March 12, 2008 at 00:08

    David Vitter.

    Two more.  Senator Craig.

    Two more.  It happens.

    Two more.  Republicans suck.

    Three more.  They enjoy it.

  2. negligent about tuning in here and lazy (sex does that) are you telling me that the NY legislator is going to impeach him?

    • Viet71 on March 12, 2008 at 00:36

    think it’s apples and oranges.

    Bush’s crimes are on a worldwide scale.

    Spitzer’s crime (and, yes, agree or not, prostitution on both sides of the bed is a crime) is small potatos, in comparison.

    But to condemn Spitzer is not to condone Bush.

    Spitzer was full of hubris, was stupid, and opened himself up to blackmail and extortion (until the revelation).

    Spitzer should go.  There are better people to fill his position, including many here (present company excluded).

    One can go after Spitzer successfully and rightfully without having the same success with Bush.

  3. Problem is the Repubs march in lockstep … which is why Vitter and Craig still have their jobs.

    Dems don’t and never will march in lockstep.  So they can be peeled off to help the Repub agenda.  It stinks.

    Happens locally and happens nationally.

  4. “Well, now that one man’s life has been totaly ruined, do

    you think we might get to see a list of the clientele of the Emperors Club VIP?

    Oh, wait a minute, I forgot, the Repugs prefer young male prostitutes to come to the WH for their services.

    The latest is: Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco is going to call for impeachment proceedings against Spitzer unless he resigns within 48 hours.

    Of course, this is the war on terror at work, you know, NSA spying on bank accounts, etc. and turning the information over to the FBI, and, voila, instant doom for one man. And, you and I are subject to the same NSA spying.

    As I live and breathe, are my eyes deceiving me? But in the name of lie, upon lie, upon lie, Bush and the Repugs are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and, yet, there’s no impeachment proceedings?”

  5. Eliot Spitzer is the issue because he let us down with his nasty ass sex? Eugene at DK has a decent diary about the shady under pinnings of this ‘story’. Right how shocking, pols are like rock/pop stars their motivation is hooked to their zippers. Who the fuck cares, my only “oh brother”, is that he made his bones busting prostitution rings.

    How ever, this reeks to high heaven. DOJ is nothing more then the political arm of the ‘gotcha’ mindless right wing. Politics makes stranger and stranger bedfellows, as someone I scorn as a Clintonista  Lawrence O’Donnell said last night, and I paraphrase: ‘Surely there are more important things to investigate, sad that this is what they chose.’Is this what FISA gives us and is this it’s intent?

    Is this what justice is about?  This does not bode well for anyone interested in the actual restoration of Law. This is what they mine, the nuggets of smear that they use for politics down and dirty, but hey it’s just vetting all part of the game, Right? Meanwhile back at the ranch a lunatic is our King!  They all suck but you gotta use the pieces you get, right?


  6. yes.

  7. this essay needs… DEMANDS… a rec button.

  8. I just got back from being away for 2+ weeks.  Earlier today I read the NYT Spitzer story from my Blackberry (had to translate it as I went) to a Mayan friend while we were driving to an airport in Mexico.  He shrugged about it.  “That happens here, too.”

    I think the biggest problem isn’t the sex, it’s the possible federal crime from “structuring” the payments (mid 5 figures after the $?) so that they wouldn’t be discovered.  He apparently did a crappy job at this.  Now he might have to resign to make a deal with the fed prosecutors, who had to be authorized to follow the case by the AG.

    Maybe I’m a day late and a dollar short on this, but for a smart lawyer who has prosecuted others for these very kinds of bogus financial transactions, wtf was he thinking?

  9. Link

  10. I don’t sleep much these days and this morning at 4am I was watching CSPAN’s senate hearings called by Byron Dorgan with the judge from Iraq’s high court whose life was threatened, and his house bombed, it is pretty much thought by Iraq’s ruling clique. Plus the money he was given to start corruption hearings against corruption amongst contractor during Paul Bremer’s CPI tenure was literally confiscated by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance. He is seeking asylum here, the State Department is not willing to listen to his crages of corruption in Iraq and the disappearabnce of BILLIONs of American taxpayer money in the sinkhole of Iraq. Not a peep in the press!  

    I switch to CSPAN’s Washington Journal and they are talking about yesterdays’s resignation of Admiral Fallon, possibly the last man standing between Bush/Cheney and war with Iran. Nobody cares, or few anyway.

    Then I switch to MSNBC’s morning show and the entire nation, through the MSM has got it’s collective knickers in a twist over Eliot Spitzer’s carnal misdeeds  spending #15,000 (not BILLIONS) on hookers.

    The blogosphere is having a collective psychotic break over an elderly white woman calling a black man black by saying he has not had to go through the same hoops and jump the same hurdles she had to jump when she dared to be the first woman to try and shatter the glass ceiling thirty years ago.  I have no idea what she meant and it was clumsy, it was however quite true. Geraldine Ferraro would not have been asked to be Walter Mondale’s running mate had she been a white man.  Why didn’t john Edwards campaign attain the movement Obama’s has? he was everything the progressive community said it dreamed of.  He was youngish, he was progressive, he was visionary and inspirational, he had a charismatic wife and young kids. He represented as much real change as Obama promises.  Could it have been because he was white?

    i am feeling the effects of elderly abuse in the blogosphere and it scares me to death. for the very first time i am considering claiming citizenship by descent for my family and returning to Europe. In any even I shall no longer participate in the election season, even here where most people are saner than they are in the stinking swillpool that has become DKos, led by their fearless leader and front page hitmen.  I still respect a few of their main posters but get sick when I go there. There is no reason and they are destroying any chance for any kind of eventual party unity.

    I hope you all can survive what is happening in this nation. It will get   worse, that i promise you.  I’ve had it.


  11. I found this, do we have to Rate each other?

    Can we just have a webpage for everyone who lost the Homecoming Prince/Princess contest?  

    I don’t care if you like me, or my comments, that is So Kos.


  12. Audience here is so insecure about how they will be rated, Bravo TV probably has a Reality show for you.

    Gawd, there is No Excuse…………Rove is laughing.

    1. I do have my emails saved.

      I’ll let you know.

      Buzz buzz buzz says the busy bee.

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