The Future and what it could hold

(Much like a traveler to a new city, I’m scoping out new places)

The future, and where humankind will be in that future at some indeterminate point is constantly in my mind. This subject fascinates me to no end.

We have ‘mastered’ some aspects of our limited existence, mapping our genome for example, but yet we as a species cannot come to grips with 10,000 years of savagery on our hands. The technologies that offer us such great hope in understanding the nature of our world provide us with a pathway directly to ours and other species on the planet doom.

There’s little attempt to try to come to grips with how this technology is used, ethically and morally in the blogosphere. How nations, politics, capitalism and corporatism play together with technology sets our path to the future as a species, more than anything else.

So I start with questions about our place, human individuals in a society that uses technology, just as I am doing right now, typing this out.

What are the powers of one individual, in a technological society such as ours?

What can one voice, one individual do to effect change, that might offer a brighter future for all of humanity?

It’s certain that one individual can cause damage, be it political, social, or even to truth and reality itself. What I believe real sustainable change is for the most part, it must come from is cooperative actions on the parts of masses of people. I’m curious to hear what your opinions are about how this can come about.

I’m trying to reassess what role I have to play in all of this, and I appreciate the opportunity to express myself here.


  1. That is exactly what we are trying to figure out ….together… which is part of the answer!

    • pico on March 27, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    What roles can we play?  I have no idea, frankly.  I am convinced that the blogs have a role, although a much more modest one than some of its participants would like to believe: small-scale, grassroots, fundraising, letter-writing, etc.  We’re bit players in a much bigger drama.  And ultimately the best thing we can do is build relationships with each other – which may not create capital-C change, but can influence positive change among a small group of people.  And that ain’t bad.  

  2. Hello shpilk, and welcome.  

    In all sincerity here is my take on the near future:

    Oil will be a core issue.

    tanks, many tanks to pluto.

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