Soldiers Want Answers, NOW!! {UpDated w/Video}

Has the Army not only lowered it’s enlistment qualifications but also ignored the Health and Welfare, because of Physical and Mental health problems of already, once twice three time…., deployed Army Personal?

“Army policies and practices which permit the deployment of medically unfit soldiers.”

A day after this: Screening for redeployment passes

A month-long investigation by Fort Carson’s inspector general has found that screening processes for soldiers returning to war are sound, according to Maj. Gen. Mark Graham, commanding general at Fort Carson.

The investigation found that a lag in paperwork prompted Fort Carson in January to report that 79 soldiers who were deemed medical “no-gos” at a screening site were deployed, though the actual number was much lower.

Lets just say there should be None, Zero, redeployed into any Theater of Conflict!

The Soldiers come back with this: Soldiers seek deployment probe

Secretary of the Army Pete Geren will be asked today to convene a panel of officers to investigate “Army policies and practices which permit the deployment of medically unfit soldiers.”

Spec. Bryan Currie, 21, of Charleston, S.C., will ask Geren to convene a Court of Inquiry – a rarely used administrative fact-finding process – to investigate top generals at Fort Carson; Fort Drum, N.Y.; and Fort Hood, Texas.

A few of the listed Incidents:

Lotero, a soldier diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder “who was subjected to ridicule and threats for seeking medical attention.”

• Master Sgt. Denny Nelson, who had a severe foot injury and was deployed to Kuwait. A physician in Kuwait urged in an e-mail to the brigade surgeon that Nelson be sent back to the United States: “This soldier should NOT have even left CONUS (the U.S.). . . . In his current state, he is not full-mission capable, and in his current condition is a risk to further injury to himself, others and his unit.”

There are more at article link

Font and Citizen Soldier, a veterans advocacy group, plan a news conference today in Watertown, N.Y. Copies of the request will be provided to the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee, Font said.

The news Conferance will probably be held at The Differant Drummer Cafe in Watertown, home to Fort Drum.

Press Conferance Report

You can find this report here

“There was no care everywhere I looked. There was a lot of hazing from higher-ups. People that should be there to help platoon sergeants and stuff were just not there or didn’t care,” said Spec Bryan Currie, 10th Mountain Division.

While serving in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division Currie was hit by a roadside bomb.

“Sustained a broken jaw, broken cheek bone, lost four teeth, burned my hands. I’ve got shrapnel wounds, PTSD, lacerated my lip I had to get stitches, my knees were swollen, I couldn’t walk the dashboard crushed my legs,” said Currie.