Pony Party, random madness

Ok, so I’m not loving my custom widget.  I’ll do better before the tourney rolls around.  Here is one option for online brackets…they’re probably not postable here, but we could start a group and link to them.  Looks like the ‘group’ will just be me and ucc anyways….

So, while we’re on the subject of madness, please enjoy Willie Nelson’s new, star-studded video…

Probably the maddest thing I’ve encountered today is National Shutdown Day, which is scheduled for March 24, 2008.  It’s a day scheduled for shutting down your computer and doing something else.  Click the link for events that may be scheduled.  Looks pretty thin so far….maybe you have an event in mind…???…


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  1. There must be a few others lurking around who want to do a pool for the tournament. Maybe they don’t want to admit it because some of our beloved leaders are rather “sports agnostic”.

    You know we might also want to make up some kind of missions statement about getting Pf8 and “the Boss” to a hockey game in this lifetime. Only thing that worries me…. What would be my life’s purpose after that?

  2. packing sucks.

  3. Just with carrots and potatoes jazzed up with some red wine. I will get it thrown together then I can have a nap before work.

    I have twisted a friend’s arm to go with me for a tattoo, probably next weekend so I will train her to take pictures of the process. Hope she doesn’t chicken out. I don’t care if she wants one I just want the company. I hate doing activities that highlight the fact I have about three friends.

    • nocatz on March 5, 2008 at 6:15 pm


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