Dennis Kucinich Wins Renomination in OH-10!

Dennis Kucinich, the Democratic Congressman from Ohio’s 10th district, won renomination last night.

Despite a strongly corporate funded opponent in Joe Cimperman and three others, Dennis won over 50% of the votes. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s primary results site:

Kucinich , Dennis (i) Dem 68,156 50%

Cimperman , Joe Dem 47,891 35%

Ferris , Barbara Anne Dem 8,780 6%

O’Grady , Thomas Dem 6,780 5%

Palmer , Rosemary Dem 3,982 3%

Dennis will be facing Republican Jim Trakas in the General Election. Trakas won his nomination 21,255 to Jason Werner’s 5,530.

If you support Dennis, you can go to his campaign site, where you can learn more about where he stands.  While there, you can donate toward his general election campaign, and you can even volunteer for the campaign.  We know that the Plain Dealer will be out in force in trying to defeat Dennis, and the Republicans will try to get the pro-corporate Democratic voters to vote against Dennis.

As always,

Go Dennis!

For those of us on the Left, Dennis is OUR Congressman!

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  1. No more ugh!

  2. If only all our choices were like Dennis. He is one candidate I know I can support without getting nauseous, and feel actual joy as a human that he has a seat in the pitiful excuse we call a congress.  

  3. We need to keep the drumbeat up for Dennis now and in the coming months.

    Thanks, rjones2818.

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