Pony Party, Deja Vu

I don’t intend to be a pest about DocuDharma’s March Madness online bracket-picking group…found here….really, i dont…

But as registration will cut off when the tournament starts on Thursday, I wanted to make extra sure that anyone who wished to participate had ample notice…


Once you follow the link to the site, use the following info to register:

Our group name is DocuDharma

Our group i.d.# is 85671

The password is yelllouder

Our bracket name is picks 4 kicks

Once you sign up, click ‘my bracket’ tab at the top to open your bracket.  Clicking the little “i” button will show you a synopsis of the matchup….click on the team you think will advance, and the bracket will reflect your choice.

The scoring system is explained on the site.  I didnt really read it as i dont expect to amass many  😉  Matter of fact, I havent even made my own picks as of this auto-publish, but i hope to have time to do so later today.  

You can register to play, or just to keep track of how the others (probably just me and ucc….sigh) are doing.

I made this widget before the final schedules were determined, so it is actually one hour ‘fast’….


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    • RiaD on March 18, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    good for you & all the crazy sports people…

    i’ll just go play in the dirt, thanks……..

  1. My picks are done.  Georgetown will win.

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