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Thursdays I Get Someone Else To Think About Stupid Shit

Yeah,, it’s me again, always the fill-in host, never permanent.  RiaD is clearing brush while battling the flu.  Our guests tonight include the Indominitable Candye Kane.

(not the best lighting ever)

Our topic today is……..META, or is it HYPER, or PARA, it’s some Greek prefix anyway.  Sometimes reading down the recent comments list, it seems that the subject lines form a little dialogue of their own.  I put this together from yesterdays comments.  I think I only misplaced some of them when extending the columns, but the good thing is….it doesn’t matter. ( They consist of only the parts of the line visible from the front page.)  Only when something is really hot are the comments in reply to one another.

In order to play the game, go to the FRONT PAGE, read the subject lines of the recent comments, either up or down.  See if you can make little conversations. Then read the essays to which the comments are posted.  Then add your comments to the list.  Repeat as needed.  See what fun!

Like those puzzles in Harpers or the Atlantic , you have to put the breaks in the right place for it to work.  

And n00bs, please Don’t Rec This Bastid.

(yeah, I didn’t feel like balancing the columns out again, you gotta fucking problem with that?)

The willing suspension of disbelief…

Related but a little off subject

Working for tips

Our first duty

Oh, this is a republished diary

Great piece

Winning, for the empire,


Speaking of War Crimes

Invoking 9/11


Just curious

Iraqi deaths

tip jar

Thank you breathing still

Great Essay as usual my friend

Is it even worth the effort of typing

physician, kick thyself

Hi frugally

Thanks Mags



Year Six

many thanks for sharing these

I’m curious

And this bastard is still walking

Bastards!!Bunch of bastards


This never fails to scare me

Who runs this site?

there are no rec’d diaries in anything

Kick in the ass

What if war wasn’t the only option

yeah, sorry Donny…..sorta

the cold war of the next generation


Keeping that in mind

If only Clausewitz had published

Thanks Jay

The quote is actually:

I only had a few as a teen

Thanks for the video

Robyn on letting your talent bloom

When I see a picture of a child

man-I am sorry I didn’t have those

Worth repeating

Just imagine

I remember it all very well

Sorry I didn’t say this earlier

Troung Son we meet again


Ummmmmm, Stu

Stu enough

It’s awfully hard to look at her

Also posted….

Thanks for your comment

What a great site

w00t for protesters

In fact there isn’t

making it clearer


By the way  until very recently

Not my call

Did you ever watch the

There’s lots of time to catch up to

your use of the words you and your




that is great

you said plenty

short and to the point

Thanks OTB

I put the winter Soldier investigat

not a cop out

some are legendary

I mean wha? Am I missing some

that’s just it

I am no longer capable of being sur


Holy Big!

the hottest fashion this summer

Sorry girl, I saw this kinda late

yup, yup…me too

Well maybe if you had used more th

Well done Mouse


That visual is unbelievable

Iraq is not the only country this D

a cold day in Minneapolis

Spy v. Spy


well IMO


uh huh

that’s right

If we coulld just get though

Being New and Ignorant


i got up to get medicine

When I sit back and look at everyth

Yeah, he’s the one that struck me mo

the Fading Jihadists


hey, you’re supposed to be sick


would you, could you

like bondad does/did

You too?


tip jar

Excellent point Edger

medication is something that keeps…

Kerry was lambasted

the only

Heh, there sure is a difference


Another text.

It was the concept of a relationshi


Hang in there Alma

don’t even think Pelosi can be tarr



Reuters and Media Storm

I remember it, too

I’m having a rough time today Edger

well stu

your truly

I’m glad you brought that up

if the media would do their jobs


Lol I’m glad to get out of the TJ

I think you are right

I think you underestimated their ev

equal to them

two favorites here

Oh Pandora

James Mann

Any calls for bail money

no tip jar?

This is from July

Thank god

I suppose

It may be Bush’s war

In some ways

Feel better

Added Focus on War tag

The media


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    • nocatz on March 20, 2008 at 11:20 pm

  1. Looks like this will be a fun party pony hangout. Great job nocatz! Using exclamation marks is fun!

    Heading into work soon. Boo Hiss. Might have a chance to drop by later and see what ch’all are talking about.

  2. (which is wonderful) reminds me of conversations I used to

    have with my bff (no longer alive, shows just how much forever really means!).  

    We would never finish sentences… always knew what the other was talking about.  

    Made for lots of fun when other people were around and hadn’t a clue what in hell

    we were talking about.

    Good job nocatz!

    • nocatz on March 21, 2008 at 1:11 am

    • nocatz on March 21, 2008 at 2:01 am

    the power to redeem the work of fools.  Hasn’t put anyone over the top as a campaign song yet, but still cool.

    Gloria (play VERY loudly)

    Top ten opening line to a song.

    • RiaD on March 21, 2008 at 2:47 am

    what a very cool pony…i’m so sorry to be fup’d on meds so i can’t concnetrate to reply

    thank you, nocatz, THANK YOU!!

  3. physician, kick thyself

    Hi frugally

    Thanks Mags



    Though technically it should be ….high, frugally

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