Not A “Global Warming Skeptic”

I am looking at the “Say no to Beijing 2008” ad in the upper left corner and find it related to global warming also.  Yea, we are screwing up the enviornment but the marketing effort via Big Al and this CO2 shit is only aimed at getting the peasants in chains.

Like so many other times the history of mankind elite assholes have controlled their populations with force.  If the people didn’t fall in line torture or death followed.  Technology affords the more peaceful alternative by the control of what society absorbs as truth.  A technological marketing effort.

One of many agencies hard at work manufacturing “your” opinion.

Watch these two carefully as We Are Change members banter about questions toward one of the premier stewards driving the policy directions of the entire world.  Far too much power have been in their hands for far too long.…

People calling for 911 truth are labeled as “terrorists”.…

Yes, secret CIA rendition camps.  Compassionate conservatism?

It is the very same with global warming.

Villification and “tin foil hatter-fication” as assigned to two other causes of enviornmental damage.……

Both of these are about as well known in this country as the influence of Zbig’s CFR and the Bilderburg Group.  There are global watchers though of the second phenomena, chemtrails.

Even discounting both reading behind the lines the ultimate “solution” to CO2 global warming is to collect a global tax which means setting up the global “infrastructure”, ie global government.  A global Wall Street carbon trading emporium is the real goal.

Now if the elite parasitic fucking control freaks happen to show up at my door with a solar array or one of the many supressed energy technologies made over the past sixty years then I’ll shut up, otherwise wait for those chains in the Beijing 2008 poster.


  1. Vitriolic hate speech aimed at the annointed pontiff of the left does not win popularity points.  Would the world have been better had Al not been cheated out of the pResidency?  Yes, to that I agree but also know my faith in people is a negative number.

    So the world turns the lights off for an hour yet goes right back to sipping latte with a cell phone in one hand and the steering wheel of an SUV in the other.  Only technology allows us to feed the number of people we do currently feed so taxing that means we feed those who can afford to get fed.

    Yes, I am obscure, I am “way out there”, I am even often completely incoherent yet I offer something contrary to the soundbytes you hear daily.  We are 300 million out of six billion and globo-corp is after the resources you command each day without even thinking about it.

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