Gravel Switches Parties

You remember him?  He was that other candidate that the media marginalized. I guess he will be best remembered for his reading of the Pentagon papers into the Congressional record back in the ’70’s.  Granted he was never high on anyone’s list of candidates, but now he has finally made news and changed party affiliation.

His announcement yesterday.

“I’m joining the Libertarian Party because it is a party that combines a commitment to freedom and peace that can’t be found in the two major parties that control the government and politics of America,” Gravel said in a prepared statement. “My libertarian views, as well as my strong stance against war, the military industrial complex and American imperialism, seem not to be tolerated by Democratic Party elites who are out of touch with the average American.”

While I am not a supporter by any means, he does have a point.  But it is not just the Democratic Party that is out of touch with average Americans; it is ALL politicians.  I do not foresee this move giving him any more clout than he had within the Dem Party, but maybe he will get a bit more publicity than he did before.  After all, is that not the goal of every politician?  


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  1. is the right place for Mike, and some of the libs seem to agree:

    Perhaps we need a good left-libertarian type of party.

  2. weird…  I did one of those online match-your-candidate thingys last fall, and matched on Gravel. Wouldn’t exactly say either of us are true libertarians.

  3. Seriously, what is it with them? How can so many line up behind an administration that is so fundamentally wrong at every level?

    You hear people say, “well, I can see the Republicans doing so and so, but the Democrats?”

    The fact is, I really can’t see even that many Republicans going to the mat like they have been. What principled conservative would tolerate an expansion of government and government spending the way this administration has done? Not to mention all the distasteful crap. How can so many be just fine with torture, even though all studies say it is not very effective?

    Do all of them strive to be simply below average, or worse?

    Even the ones who we want to believe will always vote the right way have been full of head-spinning surprises. Webb has voted the wrong way several times now on things that should never have been considered. Obama voting to fund the war at every turn, and choosing not to hold up the Roberts nomination. Clinton and her stupid votes.

    Liebermann is jetting around with McCain now. He’s not going to be the VP, so why is he suddenly crawling up McCain’s ass? He gives no indication that he cares the least that people despise him. Most of them are like that now; they don’t even bother to hide their contempt anymore. What was it Cheney said about 4000 dead soldiers the other day?

    Fuck them all!

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