Focus On War: Call for Submissions

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March 16-22 Docudharma is doing a week-long Focus on War.  This is a pilot project  – an experiment in collective blogging.  

Featured Post Schedule (9 PM Eastern)

Mar 16

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Mar 22 Militarytracy

Call for Submissions:

Anyone who wants to write an essay that has anything to do with war can participate.  All you have to do is include the “Focus On War” tag in your essay.     Essays with Action are particularly encouraged:   give us some reasons to write LTEs, contact Congress, or to support an anti-war candidate or your favorite charity. Yell Louder!!!

Here are some more ways to contribute:

To submit war-related artwork, YouTubes, blogs & websites, and causes that are worthy of donations, please go to one of the following.  

Thanks to all for participating!


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  1. It will all become clear – in time.

  2. I can do a night. maybe the 20th?

    I also posted a couple youtubes and I have some lyrics/poems I could chip in, too.

  3. Iran/Contra is to Savings & Loans as Iraq is to Republican Socialism.

    Basically, the Iran/Contra to cover the Savings & Loans was just a test case to set up the wholescale looting of America during the Iraq War.

    Let me know!

    • Robyn on March 14, 2008 at 10:53 pm
  4. This issue must remain in the public eye, or people will soon forget.

  5. … wrote a diary a while back with the poem “Those Who Profit From War.”  The poem was included in the free book Cosmic Debris and Decembersue edited and Brahman Colorado printed up, “Art in a Liberal Frame.”  The book was handed out last year at Yearly Kos.

    Actually, there was some other great stuff in that book you may be interested in, but feel free to use my poem if it fits in with the project.

    Great work you are doing OTB … thank you.

  6. It’s this: I don’t think we will be coming back from Iraq in any kind of substantial numbers anytime soon.

    I think the Democratic candidates are shining us on, and won’t come out and say that leaving Iraq delivers Iraq to Iran on a silver platter. I don’t think, under prevailing conditions, any president is willing to have that around his or her neck.

    There are other layers of complexity too. I do have what I think is a clear answer to the dilemma, but it would require a level of bravery that I don’t think Washington is capable of anymore.

    If it doesn’t fit the spirit of the theme, I understand. I could have it for the 19th or later.

  7. Part of me doesn’t want to because I have such a feeling that whatever I have to say doesn’t matter one fucking bit and I’m just spinning my tires in the mud, and part of me says hey, “if you are working on getting out of the mud it is better than just sitting in the mud bawling or staring intently at it watching it harden around you.”  Hearing voices can make you nuts though.

    • kj on March 16, 2008 at 4:04 am

    notice i’m too chicken to volunteer!  🙂  

    but i’ll be here to rec and tip and comment and post links!  

  8. march Saturday, but am in the midst of my working schedule and this week, I work 12 hours through Wednesday.  I will be able to get out a diary by Thursday.  Maybe Thursday noon? Or I can add to Thursday night.  

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