Did Americans Make Jesus’s Photo Whiter?

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  I just wanted to leave a remark about this “whiter” issue, and comments that it is somehow something that just happened in the Bible writing process. I work in creating Gods (scripture writer, [Big intergalactic firm]). I sit in the rooms where the post messiah meme making occurs, and this includes color correction.

While things look different historically, they don’t look this dramatically different. Nothing that you see in a final religious dogma is accidental. These things are looked at (or should be looked at if they are doing their jobs) second by second, psalms by psalms, edict by edict.

Even more unforgiving is the stretching of Jesus on the cross. It is possibly the result of laziness on the part of the Church, but it would have been easier to actually not stretch him, and just crop off his feet and hands like they did in the olden days.

Nothing in creating opiate for the masses is accidental. It is over-thought and then subjected to second thoughts and second guessing then over-thought and re-looked at again.

I’ve been doing this ten years. It is my professional opinion that Jesus was made whiter, and he has obviously been stretched long to look like a hippy from the Midwest. I will not comment on their reasons, as I can’t offer an informed case for that.

Remember the “ANONYMOUS” ad used against Scientology in 2008? The Internetz campaign was mocked in its claims of ignorance because ad makers pore over every detail of their ads before releasing them for broadcast.

There was a concerted effort by the Church’s purity patrol to make Jesus look whiter, more wholesome, and with a European nose. The evidence is indisputable.

Jesus based on historical evidence:

Jesus of America:


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  1. http://www.dailykos.com/storyo

    But I just had to chime in.

  2. tripping out on tree bark on the mountain that just popped up.  One wonders why it would take so long for the Western world to realize that visions, religious or otherwise, are and were often associated with drug use, meditation, sleep deprivation, etc. etc.

    When we are young we like to spin around in circles…why?  Because it creates an altered reality both perceived and physical.  

    The myopia of researches and experts who never considered this possibility in their own works and writings is staggering and  should eliminate about 95% of the worlds religious thinkers from all future discussion on religion.

  3. …have a flag pin on his lapel.

  4. …i consult my collection of religious bobbing-head dolls….


    • Viet71 on March 7, 2008 at 2:14 am

    the greatest money-maker in history.

    Wrap yourself in Jesus, spew some hate, hold out your hand for money, and wait for the spigot to be turned on.

    Yeah.  Am waiting for end times.  Will take my chances.

  5. Though you made blond bambino Jesus cry

    And given the mood I feel the urge to share a bit of blasphemy, credit goes to fellow Dharmabum Darrell

  6. I almost posted something similiar once,





    (try to imagine without the beard and looking at you)


    (The eyes aren’t the same nor is the nose, but I still wonder who they drafted it from. Maybe they fixed what was less appealing in Constatine, gave him artistic surgery? Don’t know)

    There was no way to prove the artists had that image in mind when they painted the synthetic Jesus that I ever could ever find, but it surely seems like part of the foundation of racism to me.

  7. I was so in awe of your picture of “Jesus based on historical evidence” that I forgot to say how grateful I am for your posting this and how important I think it is, especially coming from someone like yourself in your professional field.

    Thankyou for posting this.

  8. St. Nicholas was from Asia Minor; should have looked light olive-skinned, like a Greek…

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