Along The Racial Divide

I am an old fart so I remember the racial divide of the 50 & 60’s, not a good time to be an American.  I also remember how close the races were becoming in the 70’s, which was the closest the two had become in many years.  Then as quickly as it had began it started deteriorating in th Me generation of the 80’s.

Once again I see the races are close to a unity that has been missing and at the same time they are being pushed to segregate themselves along color lines.  The media is doing all possible to widen the expanse—politics of the Dems are also helping—and then there is the American people, they are also helping separate the electorate along racial and gender lines.  

it is just flipping SAD!  There is a chance for the American people to face the question head on and find common ground but they will not at this point.  White blue collars workers in the northeast are holding blacks responsible for their lack of work, when it is a non-caring government and administration that should be the bad guy.  

The Dems, some of them, want this new race battle with the attempt to marginalize a message of hope.  And thanks to their efforts the Dems are losing ground to the Repubs.  And there is a possiblity that this divide will help defeat the Dems in November–yet again.

The outcome is becoming predictable–They will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory–yet again.  Well done.  at least they are consistent.  


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    • justice on March 23, 2008 at 4:40 am

     “The dems want this race issue to marginalize the message of hope”.  Gee, now who would that be?

    If you keep blaming dems for what is clearly a republican wet dream, then do so at your own peril.  You only succeed in dividing, doing exactly what you are decrying here.

    I don’t buy it.

    • pfiore8 on March 23, 2008 at 5:18 am

    the lack of class in the Dem campaign is certainly not hindering McCain.

    i hear too many people say there’s not much difference among the three candidates. well. there is one main difference. McCain does not strike me as completely sane. i’d go farther and say i think he’s more dangerous than Bush, because Bush doesn’t make it personal and iraq was never about his father. it’s all about entitlement and oil and power. but McCain. he could make it personal… incredibly dangerous imo.

    having said that, i happen to think Clinton is an arm of BushCo. i’m not sure about Obama. i’m afraid he’s too conservative and didactic. but his huge plus is NOT being plugged into the system for toooooooooo long. it’s a small chance for daylight that Clinton and McCain do NOT offer.

    hello CHUQ. and welcome to Docudharm!

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