The World As It Could Be

The only thing that never changes….is that everything always changes. However the rate of change undoubtedly fluctuates. If we look back at history we can see many periods and many points where the various conditions that normally cause slow and steady change suddenly converge and cause massive and rapid change, at least on the historical time scale. We seem to be in one of those periods right now.

But this time, unlike in the past, the change that is occurring as we speak is not limited to one culture or region. It is by its very nature, a planetwide phenomenon.



There are two basic ways to deal with change, Nightprowlkitty (I believe?)recently referred to them as response vs. reaction. Here is a little fantasy of what we could become, as the Human Race, if we were to choose and be able to respond, rather than merely react. It is a fantasy because the very conditions that brought us to this time of change are what prevent us from doing anything but react, at least in the main.

So here are some quick thoughts and ideas, thrown out for discussion and expansion, on what we could do…if we could actually…well…do stuff. And not just sit here on our hands waiting for our leaders to wake up. I will try to expand on these thoughts in future, more detailed essays. Remember kids…these are concepts and ideals, undoubtedly utopian. I do NOT expect them to be implemented any time soon!

The elimination of war as a option.

The establishment of a true United Nations type of entity to deal…through diplomacy…with disputes between nations and facilitate the following:

Worldwide planning and cooperation on an Apollo type alternative energy program.

Worldwide planning and cooperation on the production and distribution of food.

Worldwide planning and cooperation on the acquisition of water rights and the establishment of a water trust for the benefit of all humans.

Worldwide planning and cooperation on mitigating the effects of Climate Crisis, and dealing with Climate refugees.

Truly Universal Healthcare.


Truly Universal Human Rights accords, with practical and effective enforcements.

We CAN do this, the only obstacle is…


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  1. Photobucket

    • kj on February 19, 2008 at 20:29

    Thinking, that’s what my husband calls this line of thought. 🙂

    * Outdoor kitchens in every town with weekly cookouts, dancing, music and performance art.  In every place that houses two or more people, on the same evening, all over the world.  

  2. (with big screen tv’s for the addicted scattered about) to facilitate discussion of local issues…as well as a communal internet link to learn about and vote on planetwide issues.

    I propose that free (but limited quantities of) good beer and pie be offered as a incentive to participate!

    • Edger on February 19, 2008 at 21:03

    and I think maybe there is a time and place for some…

    Smoke on the Water, and Fire in the Sky

    • pfiore8 on February 19, 2008 at 21:28

    … and to all of us able to make our own way in it.

    the howl has some similar quality to whale song as i hear it now…

  3. them.

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