IT Need a job?

I routinely have access to jobs for IT, Engineers and other professionals.

These jobs are full-time, permanent positions (not with a staffing company)

in MI.  There are no fees charged to the job applicant or employer for this

service.   Information and applications can be accessed on-line.

Apparently, the last professional did leave MI and forgot to

turn out the lights.  I would think the scarcity of high skilled labor

left in this state, combined with really affordable housing and a

lower cost of living, might be really attractive to someone out there.  

If anyone has any suggestions on where to post and recruit the many, many

jobs we keep getting and are expected to fill, please let me know.  We, of

course, have tried all of the traditional routes:  ads, colleges, training

schools, networking with everyone in the world, etc.  

Here is one of the jobs we are trying to fill:

Level 2 Technical Support Representative…

This website is also loaded with other MI jobs.  The data base

will do a keyword search.  

– – – –

We are also trying to fill the jobs listed below.

You can learn more about the company and the jobs by following

the link below and clicking on careers.…

***Urgent Position***  Bellevue  WA  02/04/2008  

Manager – IP Design and Implementation  Trumbull  CT  12/20/2007  

Senior VoIP Test Engineer  Reston  VA  10/29/2007  

SI – SAP (Technical) Consultant  Rochester hills  MI  01/21/2008  

SI – SAP Lead (Functional) MM Consultant  Bowling Green  KY  02/04/2008  

SI – SAP Lead (Functional) PP Consultant  Bowling Green  KY  02/18/2008  

SI – Software Developer  Rochester Hills  MI  02/05/2008  

SI – Software Architect  Rochester Hills  MI  02/06/2008  

Software Support Engineer  Rochester Hills  MI  12/10/2007

– – – –

Buhdy:  If you mind me doing this, please let me know; and I will immediately delete.  

If not, I’ll keep trying to get out the word.  Please feel free to pass the word.

Thank you buhdy.


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    • Alma on February 19, 2008 at 20:49

    and know lots of folks that need jobs, I thank you for doing this.  I’ll pass the word along.

  1. …they’re everywhere:))

  2. Apparently, the last professional did leave MI and forgot to turn out the lights.

    I wonder if hiring in Michigan is harder during the winter months than in the summer? I can imagine after a particularly cold or snowy winter, some people may be looking for an escape route… right behind the snow plow.

    Also, I think it is the start of a recession. Experienced people are sometimes wary of switching jobs in a recession because generally the last hired is the first fired during layoffs. Why give up seniority?

    Or, maybe people don’t know how to sell their skills? Or, employers are focused on finding a perfect fit or offering uncompetitive salaries?

    For the T-Systems jobs, there is no indication of salary or if relocation is even offered, for example. Then there’s the issue about privacy and drug testing.

    I’m curious to what your job is — are you a recruiter? For these types of technical jobs, one of the better places I’ve seen is craigslist. It would be where I’d look.

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