Pony Party, Prevention is Power

We’re all probably aware that February is African-American History Month, but did you know that February 7, 2008, yes, today, is National Black HIV/AIDS

Awareness Day 2008

You can see this year’s PSA on the website (link below), but only 2007’s was available on youtube:

Please visit their website for information on events in your area.


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  1. It is amazing that people can live with HIV/AIDS of course I old enough to recall the early doom and gloom years. The institution I work at has a large outpatient clinic that works with the HIV/AIDS population in our city.

    Be nice if the drugs were affordable for people not living in western countries although I know people here struggle with that very mightily as well.

    • pfiore8 on February 7, 2008 at 15:54

    and you’re right 73rd, about the secondary things that can kick his ass… it’s what we worry about all the time.

  2. Garrett (1963 – 1993).  

    Rest in peace.  You were the most talented man I ever met.

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