Pony Party, Phone it in Friday

Shaggy’s Hope…

yes…i know…skinny puppy isnt for everyone….but here’s ‘smothered hope’ anyway

fruit on the bottom, hope on the top..

csn, ‘helplessly hoping’…always appropriate..

amongst my hopes is that you will have a wonderful weekend…



    • RiaD on February 29, 2008 at 16:50

    really like that shaggy vid~


  1. my recent return to the earth has opened up my mind a bit and caused some new epiphanies to take place:

    1. You can’t eat technology.

    2. Independence is relative and rarely achievable on an individual level.  In order for my place to run properly I am relying on a farmer, a ferrier, a veterinarian, a builder, an electrician, my neighbor, the local hardware store etc. etc.  What I thought would be an exercise in self reliance has quickly become an exercise in community living.

    3. Learn form others mistakes.  I found out that growing a crop is not enough, you need to create something wonderful with your crop(s) and have several things growing at once so I will not be reliant on one item.  Also I found out that two acres is the smallest number of acreage to plant per crop and get a decent return on investment.

    4. Sharecropping is alive and well and anyone with land can get into the act.  Some of the most valuable farm land in America is located in inner cities.  SO if you are tired of mowing those acres out back and would like a farmer to come in and hay it for you once or twice a year, call around and see if anyone is interested.  You’ll need to provide access for their combine and work the weeds out of the soil for a year or two.

    5. Horse adoption is as common as dog adoption, you can get beautiful rescued horses for your property via several equine organizations.  You can also sponsor a horse at a local facility and go and see her/him in your fee time.

    6. Steel buildings are the most economical solution for outbuildings on a farm but they still lack some character.  There are some excellent greenhouse kits available to novices that you can expand when ready.  For under 600 dollars you can start to become a real pro.

    7. The local co-operative extension is offering great deals on trees and plants for you property but the order has to be in by the March 13th.  Check your local extension for your dates.

    I’ll post some links late tonight.

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