Normalization of Satanic Memes

This sounds wonderful!  I’m going to tell you why it’s not.


Pay down you mortage quicker.  Have full control over your financial resources.

Sounds great?  Not.

A corporation exists for the sole purpose of making money.  There is no nobility in there, no egalitarian higher purpose to serve mankind or even the benficiaries of the mahvelous “service”.  This leads to the question of why does it exist.  

DATA!  INFORMATION!  Your entire financial life,demographically indexed by tastes, habits even dates of items purchased.  Information is a highly marketable commodity.  It’s used to form public policies to be used against you.  Your financial decisions are not yours but those of “experts” combing through data.  They have the capacity to now determine your financial breaking point better yet they can determine the amount available for extraction!

Remember the selling point of this scam is that you remain “in control”.

Here is an example of “your financial” “freedom” in elder law.…

The assholianism in law now states Ma and Pa have to prove non-gifting to their kids five years before nursing home entrance.  Now that’s financial freedom.  There appears to be an escape clause though if you have shitloads of money to give the lawyers.…

Unrelated to aging parents I like this one too.  I just shows the stellar ethics of government.

Anyway now that you know you could pay down your mortage by sending extra principle payments you don’t need uFirst to do it for you.  You might also plan on staying in your home longer than the prescribed four to six years to gain that long term benefit of property appreciation.  Maybe, but then again with all of this globalization an American “career” lasts only four to six years.  Staying in one place might present a problem.

I don’t have to worry about gifting my kids money, they are going to live here until I die anyway.

Oh, and if you can refuse to e-file you 1040 this year.  That too IMHO is endorsing the technology of Satan.


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    • pfiore8 on February 17, 2008 at 16:25

    quite a sermon. thanks.


  2. My accountant small business owner files electronically I think. Why is this worse than mail? The IRS know it all anyway.  

  3. swindle seems to be this reverse mortgage thing. god do we need financial regulations back.  

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