And the Fascism Rolls On………

This one you can’t even see until the retarded ad goes away.  Get used to it as this type of thing is the future.………

Strange, no pregnant mothers or parapalegics got tazered today.

Rumor also has it that Hillary will quit within a week.  That leaves John “nukemall” or Bildeburg’s newest favorite son Barry “I’ll just bankrupt ya’ll” Obama.

Not much of an essay but I have to go to classes.  Financial stuff on how to possibly avoid Mom and Dad going into a nursing home or only being able to afford dog food for dinner.  They are far too old to fathom the true Satanicness of the world we live in today. They can only realte to when they were active, working and living in a far better world, but that was twenty years ago.  

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  1. … is an important issue and we don’t see any real discussion of it in our society.

    There is a difference between secrecy and privacy.

    (As an aside, and this is difficult for me to reveal, because it’s personal and not rational … but my beloved nephew is retarded, and it hurts every time I see that word used as an adjective.  No demands here, just that I can’t praise the rest of your essay — which I do — and not try to bring some small awareness of this as well, or I’d feel like a hypocrite.)

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