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Last night, the Senate voted on two FISA amendments, which is all well and good I suppose.  This is a battle over whether the government can spy on it’s citizens, and if there will be retroactive immunity for the telecoms which may have helped facilitate this spying.  Here are the links to the DKos MP threads for the two votes:

First Vote

Second Vote


Much scorn was heaped, deservedly so, on those Democrats who voted in what most of us (IMHO) would agree was the wrong way.  Once again, all well and good.  Those DINOs deserve our scorn and should be primaried when they run again for office.

Here’s the kicker.  Our two presumptive nominees, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama found that it was more important to campaign for the Presidency then to vote on these issues.  I say they deserve the same scorn as the DINOs.

Now, I don’t expect the Clintonistas and the Obamaites to agree, and this is not being written for them.  You’re more than welcome to your opinions and to support your candidates.  This is being written for the rest of us.

The fact that the two presumptive nominees didn’t think that these FISA amendments were worth doing their job over bothers me a great deal.  I should think that if the two presumptive nominees had been there to voice their support for the Feingold amendments that at least one or two of the DINOs would have been moved to vote for what most of us, probably, would say is the correct manner.  Without HRC’s and BO’s voices, the DINOs went ahead and voted the way they did.

I’m of the opinion that HRC and BO didn’t vote because of two things.  The first is that they don’t want to have to be on the record for supporting or opposing the FISA (possible) capitulation.  To me, that’s cowardly and non-Presidential.  The second, and to me the worse, is that they actually support the FISA (possible) capitulation.  I think what they are telling us is that they’ll keep the power grab, and allow the telecom funding that will come for such support (perhaps not during this election cycle, but it will come).

I’ll admit, BO and HRC were always in my bottom three of the Democratic candidates along with the other of the Big Three.  I don’t trust that they will give back the power grabs by the Bush junta.  I think that they think that the power is ok as long as it’s in Democratic hands, and so why try to get rid of it.

Now, they may come back and help the FISA filibuster by Chris Dodd.  One can only hope, and time will tell.  Even then, I don’t trust either BO or HRC, and support a brokered convention where some other acceptable candidate rises to the nomination (Gore, most likely).

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