Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

Once Again, Our Country Needs Winter Soldiers

War crimes “encouraged?”

WATERTOWN, NY – “I was messed up in the head. It was okay for me. I laughed afterwards. We all did. It’s just the way things go.”

But Turner says it wasn’t his choice to be encouraged to do it from higher ranking officers. He and three other veterans speaking out Saturday at the Different Drummer Cafe in Watertown said committing war crimes is not only the way things go, but it’s unofficial policy.

You can read the rest at above link, along with catching the News 10 Video there as well.

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

IVAW – Iraq Veterans Against The War – Winter Soldiers

Winter Soldiers, according to founding father Thomas Paine, are those who stand up for the soul of their country, even in its darkest hours.

A group of Iraq war veterans are planning a gathering in Washington D.C. in March to talk about war crimes they’ve seen or committed during their tours of duty.

4543 people have signed the Statement of Support – Add Your Name Now


Also, an Important ‘Shout Out’ for Action from Military Spouses For Change

Please contact both of your Senators regarding S38.

Veterans’ Mental Health Outreach and Access Act of 2007

Ask them to co-sponsor this bill. At this time, it has 13 co-sponsors.

S38 – ‘A bill to require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a program for the provision of readjustment and mental health services to veterans who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and for other purposes.’

About This Legislation:


Veterans’ Mental Health Outreach and Access Act of 2007 – Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a program to provide to veterans of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, particularly veterans who served in such Operations while in the National Guard and reserves: (1) peer outreach and support services; (2) readjustment counseling and related services; and (3) mental health services. Directs the Secretary to also provide to immediate family members of such veterans, during the three-year period following the return of the veterans from such a deployment, education, support, counseling, and mental health services to assist in: (1) readjustment to civilian life; (2) recovery from an injury or illness incurred during such deployment; and (3) readjustment of the family following the veteran’s return.

Authorizes the Secretary to contract with community health centers and other qualified entities to provide such services in areas not adequately served by health care facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Requires the Secretary to: (1) contract for a program to train veterans to provide the peer outreach and support services; and (2) conduct a training program for clinicians of community health centers and entities contracted to provide such services.

Extends the eligibility for hospital care, medical services, and nursing home care for veterans who served on active duty in a theater of combat operations from two to five years after their discharge or release from such duty.

Congressional Legislation S38


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    • jimstaro on January 22, 2008 at 02:27

    In the DC Area, an interested, may want to Contact IVAW and do a Live Report On This, or a Good Writeup after, or Both!

  1. on my site

    thanks for pointing it out.

    • Temmoku on January 22, 2008 at 15:32

    I would like to go to Washington….we’ll see. I broke my ankle (missing the bottom step!) and I am not sure I’ll be up for any extended standing or walking. If I am not physically able to participate,,,my heart and mind will be there!

  2. I just made this, please pass the link along to your email groups:

    It is an eternal flame that people will leave on their blogs until the troops are home.

    • kj on January 23, 2008 at 18:54
    • jimstaro on January 24, 2008 at 01:05

    Iraq Veterans To Testify at Their Own ‘Winter Soldier’

    Organizers Model Event After Vietnam Investigation

    Vietnam veteran John Kerry testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971.

    If they were sent to fight, they are too few. If they were sent to die, they are too many!

    Is ‘Funding’ Really For Troops?

    What Happened To Funding and Oversite For Military/Veteran Care In Previous Congresses?

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