While I’m Gone

Hi everyone,

While I’m busy setting up the farm I was hoping that one or two volunteers could step up to do some basic things for Docudharma.  They are very easy to do. I’ll be gone for about a month with only quick visits to see how traffic is doing and catch up with events.

1. Ping Technorati when a new story appears on the front page.  Just go to http://technorati.com/ping/ and enter https://www.docudharma.com exactly as you see it here w/ no www or trailing slash.  That will let technorati know we’ve updated the site and they’ll share our headlines with the other bloggers.  Just do it when you can as long as we are getting a few fresh pings a day we’ll be fine.

We are registered with most active blog indexes so if you see another place to ping us go ahead and do it.

Sphere and Blogburst work automatically so there is no need to ping them.

2. Search for smaller search engines and political directories and add Docudharma to the list.  Just check to make sure we aren’t already listed and only apply to places that are free and do not require a reciprocal link or link back to their site.  We won’t gain much direct traffic from these links but they help our rankings on Google and other search engines.

3. The following tags have their own feeds, consider using them in your essays:

impeachment, how to, politics, women’s issues, healthcare, sports, activism, dharmazine, Iraq, solar, GLBT, science, immigration and literature.  I’ll be doing more development with the feeds when I get back.

That’s about it, otherwise keep doing what you are doing and thanks for helping.


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  1. I can do some of this pinging and search engining, and use these tags.

  2. When will you be back?!?

    Take some pics of your new place.  I’d love to see the farm.  

    Our Technorati rank and authority continues to improve.  I’ll help with the pings too.


    Rank: 49,202

    Authority: 128


    Rank: 36,799

    Authority: 165

    Hope to see you around soon!

    • RiaD on January 24, 2008 at 14:54

    yay for you!!

    please take lots of pics and i’d love to see an essay with, telling what is there are your vision for it.

    Good Luck to you in this new endeavor & QUITing smoking!


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