Just watch. And weep. And wish for a brokered convention.


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  1. from the Hillary Squad?

    As the stomach turns so do the daze of our lives.

  2. of one’s sexual preference, color of one’s skin, philosophical views toward religion, nationality, we are all, nonetheless, human beings and entitled to our preferences and respect in that being!

    • Pluto on January 24, 2008 at 05:31

    …but can I just say — this Gore thingy — is pathetic.

    You don’t need a leader to speak for you.

    At least I hope not. Good god, is Gore the only one who makes you feel “empowered” and “represented?”

    If so, why are you in play?  There is nothing here for you. You do not have a candidate in the 2008 elections (not that I ever thought you did).

    All is lost.

    • Pluto on January 24, 2008 at 05:46

    If I can’t say it here — it cannot be said.

    I need each and every one of you to be a MAN. Be a pathfinder. Find a new way to make your voice heard. Stop depending on candidates.

    Stop writing “impeach” Diaries to congress people whose lives (or the lives of their families) have been threatened. (Doh. As if you can figure out any other reason they act the way they do. Every other nation in the world kills their uppity leaders. Why should the US be any different?) Gore is smarter than that. Or, are you still confused about why he is not a candidate?

    Get real. Open you eyes. Let’s play hardball.

    • feline on January 24, 2008 at 19:27

    I was curious as to whether Gore had posted anything new on Current when I saw that he had posted a couple of new ones in the last week.

    He’s obviously updating his spot, stating his positions and opinions on campaign topics.  As one who is leading the fight on global climate change, and having said he is not running for President, why is he posting these spots on various issues on Current?

    Any thoughts/theories as to what he’s doing?

    • pfiore8 on January 24, 2008 at 21:25

    hey Al…

    you said you think gays ought to have the same rights as heterosexuals… and, kill me, you said you don’t think the government should be discriminating against gays.

    well, Al let me take a stab at that one::: it’s happening because we have theocrats in our government trying to legislate their religious beliefs Al… that’s why. and why are they there? so corporate interests can plunder the middle class while we’re squabbling about gay marriage Al. and wonder why our kids are failing at school… while thinking prayer in home room is more of a priority.

    But we have no voice to stop this Al. so thanks for that nice sentiment. but it’s not going to stop gay/black/hispanic/sexist/ageist bashing Al.

    A president who brings integrity and leadership into the White House would be a start. One intent on kicking religion out of the state house and fiercely defending our secular form of government. Now that would be something Al.

    thanks anyway.

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