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(With apologies to Robyn, people need to see this, so they can tune in to the broadcast. – promoted by Turkana)

This is going to be quick and short.

I just caught a link to a report that will be airing on NPR Morning Edition

Army Blocks Disability Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum

by Ari Shapiro

Audio for this story will be available at approx. 9:00 a.m. ET

It starts out thus:

Morning Edition, January 29, 2008 · Army officials in upstate New York instructed representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs not to help disabled soldiers at Fort Drum Army base with their military disability paperwork last year. That paperwork can be crucial because it helps determine whether soldiers will get annual disability payments and health care after they’re discharged.

And we get this from one of Drums soldiers:

“To be tossed aside like a worn-out pair of boots is pretty disheartening,” the soldier says. “I always believed the Army would take care of me if I did the best I could, and I’ve done that.”

For now Visit here to read, than Tune In to listen to this!

What goes on with each and every Government Agency reflects the Nations Standards and Policies, by The Nation I’m talkin It’s People, that’s You and Me!

I caught the link in this very short post by IrritatedVet over at Vet Voice. I would have heard it driving to work, getting ready now, but wanted to pass on so More Hear This.

Hat Tip to IrritatedVet from another who’s had some 37yrs., an continuing, of ‘Irritation’ towards an Apathedic Society!

Another Hat Tip goes to One Wife’s Perspective, also at Vet Voice for this catch:

Who added this about the clip:

Jan/26/08 08:41 ET Montel Williams turned the question on live television when he choose to focus on the solders dying in Iraq rather than the passing of Heath Ledger. Montel did not return for a further segment.

We have Two Theaters of Raging Conflicts Ongoing so I want to Thank You America for keeping us informed on What Is Really Important To You, Especially on these Political Blogs, both sides of the political ideologies.

One just needs to visit and read the Subject Topics!  


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    • jimstaro on January 29, 2008 at 12:25

    CBS is airing this Inside The New Terror Capital Of Iraq

    CBS News: Exclusive Video Of A Firefight At The New Frontline Of The War On Terror

    If you visit and watch the Video maybe you’ll be asking yourself what I have been, “Why is this soldier being asked to attach a cam to his helmet to Video Reports? If the ‘Surge’ is working so well where are the War Correspondents?”!

    Sadly more of them have been killed in this Debacle than any previous, but Why are they Not Reporting Directly from these Actions, as they were in ‘Nam, yet reporting how Safe Iraq now is because of the ‘Surge’!!

    • jimstaro on January 29, 2008 at 12:40

    Than I just hear this VA Links Poor Care to 19 Deaths in Ill. on the local news!!

    AMERICA: WAKE THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • frosti on January 29, 2008 at 17:19

    the veterans from World War II are doubly insured by Medicare and the VA system, and they are required by the VA to see a local doctor and the VA provider over the same health care issues. The local doctor does the oversight and the VA provider okays scripts so they match the formulary of the VA. The 80 y/o who can get meds from Medicare part D gets them for free at the VA.  The VA never communicates any information to the local doctor about changes to the medication list or any other care they provide, though we are required to send them copies of everything.  This dual coverage, which is redundant, should be changed so that the new veterans can get basic coverage.

    Also, the VA always denies payment to the local MD for cases where the veteran was seen in the local hospital for an emergency.  No big deal to them. The emergency care was not “preauthorized”.  

    If they changed health care coverage for the people who are Medicare elligible, they could cover a lot of Irag veterans.

  1. we do not take care of those who have given their all

    for their beliefs and culture…..

    for us……

    • jimstaro on January 30, 2008 at 00:11

    Veterans Mental Health Care

    A look at what happens to veterans when they come home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how their families are affected who’s there to provide mental health care should they need it.


    Dr. Barbara Romberg, Founder and President of “Give an Hour,” a non-profit organization which provides mental health care needs to veterans and their families affected by the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s also a clinical psychologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of children.

    Kristin Henderson, Kristin Henderson is a journalist married to a military chaplain who has served in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq. She’s also author of “While They’re at War.”

    Dr. Stephen Xenakis, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.), psychiatrist and consultant to Secretary of the U.S. Army. He’s writing a report on PTSD for the Army and hopes to complete it by year’s end.

    Tanya Biank, Author of “Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage” which is now the subject of a Lifetime Television show. She also is a syndicated columnist (CinCHouse.com) and broke the story on four Army wife murders committed at Fort Bragg in 2002.

    Karie Darga, CEO, Military Spouse Legacy Association. Her husband was killed in Iraq in 2006.

    You can listen here:

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    Or here:

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