The Sounds of Winter On Our Homestead

Natural, healthy environments radiate wellbeing in every possible way. When we leave the stress of our artificially loud, unnatural worlds and go out into the woods, or to a semi-secluded beach, or to a natural wonder like the Grand Canyon, we always breathe a huge sign relief. Modern societies and cities give off so many unpleasant, and in some cases, assaultive vibrations that wreak havoc on our human systems that escaping them even briefly shifts us toward health. Even just electricity gives off a powerful and often destabilizing vibration that negatively affects us all, never mind the rest of what we are confronted with. To cope with these daily challenges of modern life, we tend to become hard and desensitized.  

I experienced a profound overall shift in health in myself and family since returning to the country a few years ago. There are many great sights, sounds and smells out here that have a positive effect on the human system.  After some time of living with them, you find yourself softening and getting stronger all at the same time. Your energy level picks up. Your thought patterns clear.

The idea came to me a few weeks ago to share some of the sounds of winter on our homestead. You can hear them on the videos below.

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  1. I love the change of seasons we have in the Upper Midwest, but  I’ll be ready soon to hear the sounds of spring.  

  2. Thanks for the good vibes PotF! Your animals are so beautiful

    & I was strangely mesmerized by the ice breaking routine.    

  3. with two tractors, horse trailer, horses, two cats, a possum, three deer, barn, hay, fields, 2 streams, 2 ponds, 3 generations of Bass, and a heron.

    After Friday I’ll be off-line for a bit while I get things connected at the farm.

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