The Ombudsman Speaks

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Now I’ve long since given up on the Gray Lady as an overpriced whore, but I’ll not presume to speak for all progressives.  It’s possible you have some lingering attachment or hope for redemption of a fallen angel and I’d be a heartless Scrooge indeed to encourage you to read this-

He May Be Unwelcome, but We’ll Survive

By CLARK HOYT, The Public Editor, The New York Times

Published: January 13, 2008

Kristol’s first column joined the pack in its first paragraph and wrote off Hillary Clinton with finality the day before she won the New Hampshire primary. He also misattributed a quotation that had to be corrected.

This is a decision I would not have made. But it is not the end of the world.

So why does Kristol have a job again?  Nepotism.

Clark Hoyt admits right up front that Billy Boy was selected to redress an ancient dispute between Arthur Ochs Sulzberger and John Oakes over hiring William Safire and not Irving Kristol, Billy Boyz dad.

Clark Hoyt thinks “Sulzberger and Rosenthal made a mistake.”  Out of “over 700” reactions to William Kristol’s appointment only a single one is supportive.  Sulzberger said he was surprised.

About Kristol’s assertion that his new employers should face federal prosecution A. M. Rosenthal said Kristol’s comment was “a heavy accusation that put him in a category other than a journalist.”  

But what gets me is this-

I agree with their effort to address an Op-Ed lineup that, until Kristol came aboard, was at least six liberals against one conservative who isn’t always all that conservative.


They are all Villagers.  And so are you Clark.


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  1. I am a heartless Scrooge indeed.

  2. if a cold, heartless one…according to ‘the muppet’s christmas carol’, he even employed rats and frogs….very eeoc  😉

    kristol’s a bottom-feeder.  no.redeeming.qualities.whatsoever.  waste of a pulse.    

    • OPOL on January 14, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    and run the worthless bastards out of town on a rail instead.  The New York Times can kiss my liberal ass…but they may have to wait in line.

  3. was his citation of one obnoxious objection to Kristol to tar all of the objectors.  That technique was used by his faux-liberal predecessor Danny Okrent, and is really derived from the O’Reilly technique of damning Kos, etc. because of a one noxious comment.

    And isn’t it a bit unprecedented for the Times to get such an overwhelming, nearly unanimous objection?

    Finally, the Public Editor piece did not even mention the waiver of Times ethics rules by hiring Kristol.

    Hoyt either doesn’t get it, or just wants to keep his job  

  4. Kristol stays and is allowed to impose his incoherent world view on others.

    They will trot out the occasional shocked disclaimer when he says something that really pisses people off and keep publishing his words. I will keep not reading. If I have to be subject to wingery, I would rather watch FOX because as parody and comedy it works much more effectively than Kristol. I don’t watch much FOX either.

    • documel on January 14, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    All media has the right to hire whomever they wish–and publish it as opinion.  We, as readers, have the right to write to the editor, or to kill file.  If we try to censor someone for being an ass, “they” will call one of ours an ass (say, Krugman) and demand his removal.  Facts don’t stop “them,’ and neither does counting pro/con letters to the editor.  Remember, they invented freeping.

    Kristol is so fucking stupid that he’s become his own parady.  Only the blind will read and agree with him.  To combat his mendacious stupidity, someone here should write a fact check column to rebut him, and we should pay for it as an ad in the Times.  My $50 bucks is hereby pledged for said ad.

  5. it is a nest of criminals disguised as the ‘elite’. The players are not separable from the ‘fourth estate’. It is not the end of the world but one can hope that it will hasten the end of the NYT. All the news thats fit to print? What next Oliver North or Scooter Libby?    

    • TMC on January 14, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    for two reasons. First and primarily, to line kitty litter boxes. It has more absorption of moisture than the NY Post or NY Daily News. The second and nearly s important as the first reason, I like doing the crossword puzzle at work because I can’t blog in an E.R.

  6. Last July, when Bush underwent his terrifying colonoscopy (terrifying for us, since Cheney was the acting “leader of the free world” for a few hours), I posted a related diary over at Planet Orange.  


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