Pony Party, No Football Monday :(


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  1. My Memphis Tigers beat Zaga. No way can they have an unbeaten season, some nothing team will catch them napping mentally and whomp on them.

    Who are you going for in the stupid bowl? I am picking the Giants and have to decide whether to place a few office bets ( they usually involve being forced to buy dinner or corporate take out coffee.)

    • plf515 on January 28, 2008 at 15:21

    want to see?

    As I noted over the weekend, I plan to be around here more.

    As you may know, I am a statistics geek.  Numbers.  Formulas.  Graphs….. oh my!

    So, any particular things you’d like to see?

    I’ve got some things already written (mostly over at dkos and at SwingStateProject – analysis of congressional races by state; also some analysis on race and political party, and other demographics and political party.  I’ve got some stuff on polling, and some on missing data (like in NH).

    Or other things?  Come up with an idea that needs something quantitative and maybe I’ll be able to help

  2. fa la la la la ladainian!

    but unfortunately being a Charger fan makes it impossible for me to get excited for this super bowl. can’t root for NE because of the playoffs this year and last (mainly last year), can’t root for NY because of Eli Manning. sooooooooooooo? I might just watch for commercials. but probably not. afic, nothing good can come of this game.

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