Pony Party….meh…

I’m tired.  

which tends to make me irritable….hard to get along with…and is upsetting to those around me

In case youre not a football fan, you might want to know that while the super bowl is being broadcast, the cable station animal planet runs a puppy bowl, complete with a kitten half-time show.  this year’s will be broadcast on feb 3rd.  

Im debating skipping the super bowl this year if new england gets through, which they probably will.  i just cant stand the hype any more…but since it’s the last nfl game of the year, ill probably watch just to get that last fix—with the sound off!!



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  1. just ask MST3K

    Something else you can do on Superbowl Sunday:

    Annoy a salesman by pretending to want to buy a TV for the big game while the big game is going on….which means (s)he won’t be able to watch the game because (s)he’ll be helping you.

    • pfiore8 on January 17, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    all talk and too little game makes real sports fans nuts

    and then, it becomes clear. the sport has taken a back seat to the hype.

    i saw my nephew play b-ball last night. what a great game. exciting to watch these kids. and he’s exciting to watch. not an accomplished shooter but fabulous rebounder, stoking up his teammates, pretty decent ball handler, and generous… a good sense of the court and where/to whom to get the ball… now, if others on is team could shoot, he’ll get them the ball. they’d be unstoppable.

    great stuff.

    love the creatures. cuteness needed today for sure.

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