Kucinich Bows Out

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I just saw the news – Kucinich is dropping out of the presidential race to focus on saving his seat in Congress.     He will make a formal announcement tomorrow.   (In the video he says it will be a lengthy speech – so stay tuned for that.  I hope he kicks butt on the war and Impeachment.)  He doesn’t plan to endorse any of the other candidates in the primary.  

I will be announcing that I’m transitioning out of the presidential campaign, Kucinich said. I’m making that announcement tomorrow about a new direction.

Kucinich has received little support in his presidential bid; he got 1 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary and was shut out in the Iowa caucuses. He did have a devoted following.

Kucinich, 61, is facing four challengers in the Democratic congressional primary March 4, and earlier this week he made an urgent appeal on his Web site for funds for his re-election. Rival Joe Cimperman has been critical of Kucinich for focusing too much time outside of his district while campaigning for president.  


I was just about to send in my absentee ballot for the CA primary with his name filled in. But I kind of suspected this was going to happen.    Now I’ll have to choose someone else… likely Obama.    


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  1. We need you in the House though — to go after Cheney and get US out of the war.  

    Peace Brother K!

    • Alma on January 25, 2008 at 02:11

    Even though I knew he didn’t stand a chance, it still felt good to be able to vote for someone that still seems to stand up for The Constitution, equality, and antiwar.

  2. seat in Congress against FOUR primary challengers, but complicit ASSHOLES like Hoyer, Rahm, and a hundred or more other “Democrats” aren’t being challenged in primaries?


    • documel on January 25, 2008 at 02:37

    We are not a very mature republic.  After 2 decades of existence, Israel chose Golda Meir–and she was not good looking!!  Kucinich’s wife is more astute than most Democrats–and better looking.  (sorry–this was too easy to pass up)

  3. I am going to write him in in my primaries, nonetheless.  I don’t care!  He is the only one who has fought for us from the beginning.  He is the one who introduced Articles for Impeachment (H.R. 799).  He is the only one who has spoken out on ALL of the issues.  It will be my statement of WHO I want and not what anybody else wants.  I wish everyone would do the same.  

    Apart from the above, this man has fought valiantly amidst the most disgusting of obstacles.  For all his efforts, he has been kicked in the teeth.  It just seems to me that ANYONE that speaks the TRUTH is only going to get a kick in the teeth.  Everything in our society today is so perverse!

    I am also not completely sure of his reasons for this, in that I received this e-mail last night:

    Corporations Target Kucinich at Home,

    an Urgent Personal Appeal

    I want to thank you for your support of our efforts to end the war, to create a not-for-profit healthcare system and take America in a new direction, so that we can have a government we can truly call our own. In connection with that, as you know, I’m running for re-election to the United States Congress and I need your help to make sure that I stay in Congress.

    Right now I’m under attack by corporate interests, most of them from the city of Cleveland, who have an agenda that has nothing to do with the people of my community, nor with most people in this country. And so what I’m asking you to do is to help me stay in Congress, so that I can continue to represent the people of my community, the state of Ohio and the United States of America.

    I need you, right now, to go to that page on my website, http://www.kucinich.us where you can contribute online, or send a check or phone in a contribution.

    I need you to contribute at least $100 to make sure that I can continue my work in the United States Congress. And if you can, to help me raise, with the help of your friends and relatives $1000. (If you contributed to the presidential campaign, you are permitted to contribute to this congressional campaign as it is a separate campaign. Even if you contributed $2300 to the presidential election you can still contribute up to $2300 to this campaign.)

    If you can help us with this fundraising effort, I’ll be assured of a victory in the primary election which is only six weeks away. Already television commercials are flooding the Cleveland airwaves with a message that is designed to try to knock me out of office. I’ve served with honor and dignity in the United States House of Representatives. I’ve led the effort against the war. I stand for peace, for fair trade and for a not-for-profit healthcare system. And now I need you to make sure that I can continue this work.

    Please contribute now. Help us now.

    I cannot stress strongly enough, the importance of you responding immediately. We need to go on TV immediately to answer the kind of attacks that are occurring.

    I want to thank you for the great support you’ve shown me over the years. But I can tell you that now more than ever your support is going to be essential so that I can continue our work in the United States Congress.

    So please give at least $100 dollars if you’re able to, and help me raise at least $1000, if you’re able to. You can enable me to continue to stand up and speak out for the people of Cleveland whose concerns are so similar to the concerns of people all over this country.

    My voice is your voice in the United States Congress. I appreciate the opportunity to be someone you can rely on in Congress. I stand up for the people 365 days-a-year, now I need you to take a stand for everything that we believe in.

    Thank you

    Dennis Kucinich

    PS – Remember: If you contributed to the presidential campaign, you are permitted to contribute to this congressional campaign as it is a separate campaign. Even if you contributed $2300 to the presidential election you can still contribute up to $2300 to this campaign.

    If anyone deserves our support, it is Dennis Kucinich!  I just contributed for his Congressional bid — I hope those who are able will, as well.

    Yes, OTB and Alma — we most definitely need this man in Congress!

  4. Dennis, it seemed to me, was right on the issues.  And the other candidates seem to have “nuanced positions” that just don’t excite me.  Voting for Dennis at least meant that I could tell whoever might be listening what I thought was important.  And now?  I just don’t know.

    That bus, the one over there on the horizon that’s coming in this direction?  That’s the one I’m going to be thrown under.  And you, my brothers and sisters on the left, ask not for whom it rolls, it rolls over thee too.

  5. The

    New York Tim
    es has endorsed Hillary for the Democratic nominee and John McCain for the Republican nominee.  Surprise! Surprise!  I’m not at all surprised — this has all been “planned” out, IMO.

  6. has become a complete joke and a farce, as far as I’m concerned!

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