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Greetings and thanks to all who read, write and comment on this blog.  Our short existence in 2007 has been funtastic – witnessing the birth of the blog and forming a community of like-minded souls. I’m sure 2008 will be amazing as well.    I especially want to thank the contributors who have committed to writing regular original series (just like HBO!).   My latest project has been to put together a Series page (now linked under DharmaDocs) where everyone can have easy access to the content and catch up on their favorites.  

The page is reproduced below….  

notlightnessofbeing has introduced us to the power of RSS  (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and using them to syndicate our content widely throughout the blogosphere.  Another useful function of the Feed is to collect the series in chronological sequence – where all the text is available (no comments) and can be sorted by date.   Also, if you subscribe to the RSS Feed your browser will be automatically updated when a new edition is posted.    

Click the Titles to go to the RSS Feed.  

Click the Author to go to their page.


SeriesAuthor/DescriptionTime (GMT -5)
News. Four at Four – Current events and hot topics uniquely presented by Magnifico the founder of Overnight News Digest.  M-F 4 PM
Blog Roundup. NLinStPaul highlights Blog Voices This Week  – focused on lesser known blogs and people of color.   This is a semi-regular series.Sun 11 AM
News. Docudharma Timesmishima starts your day with the morning headlines and the amazing ticker.Daily 7:30 AM
Salon.   nightprowlkitty sets the beat, Friday Night at 8, with lyrical prose and Hepcat style. BYO cocktails.Fri 8 PM
Life. Friday Philosophy: Robyn‘s personal and profound ponderings.Fri 6 PM

SciFi/CyberPulp. Iglesia  by buhdydharma – a cliffhanger serial with a metaphysical twist.  Stay tuned for what happens next…Tue & Sat midnight
in Other news. pico‘s weekly roundup of GLBT newsWed noon
Art & Poetry. Muse in the MorningRobyn celebrates the Muses and encourages everyone to contribute their talent.  M-F 6 AM
Books. Profiles in Literaturepico‘s fascinating lessons about the history, lives, and works of authors.Tue 6 PM
Fantasy.   In the City of Colours RiaD and The TaleMaster weave stories within stories.Sat noon
News/Commentary. ek hornbeck ace reporter for The Stars Hollow Gazette.  Sun, M, W, Th midnight
Trippin Tuesday – All things psychedelic.  To wake up your mind… get On The Bus. Tue 10 PM
(highly irregular)
News. Weekend News Digest with ek hornbeck  – Top Stories in Technicolor.  News from the World, U.S, Business, Politics, Science and more. Sat & Sun 4 PM
Books. What are you reading?plf515’s popular series cross-posted at Daily Kos.  Fri 7 AM
Spontaneous expression.  Writing in the Rawpfiore8 (with occasional guest hosts) lets it all hang out in this creative workshop.  Thu 10 PM
Image TBDOpen Thread. Pony Party hosted by Turing Test and the stable crew – pfiore8, 73rd virgin, Light Emitting Pickle, moneysmith, RiaD, undercovercalico, Robyn and On The Bus.   For fun and amusement… must be this high to ride!  Daily 9 AM, Noon, 6 PM

This is still a work in progress.  Obviously, I need to make the Pony Party graphic.  btw, if anyone wants to change their picture feel free to give me a suggestion/concept or send me your own creation.   There are a few more series by TominMaine and DianeW that I plan to include.   Let me know if I’m missing anything else.  


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  1. Had fun last night 🙂

    In a few days I  plan to edit and reformat this to post on Daily Kos.  I want everyone to know their favorite writers are doing great work here!  

    PS – I only included my own series (lame as it is) to motivate me to continue writing.   I have something brewing, so to speak.  Also, I found that really cute Bus font so I just had to use it.  

    • Robyn on January 2, 2008 at 4:14 am


  2. Five Stars.

    • pfiore8 on January 2, 2008 at 4:22 am

    love all our logos… although those moving eyes, watching your every move, are a little freaky.

  3. Photobucket

    • snud on January 2, 2008 at 4:34 am

    (This is just for fun!) How in the hell did they do this? Oh well… The page is in Spanish. Just put your first name in the first box, your last name in the second and press the “Visualizar” button. (Or you can put your first name in both boxes… but it’s cooler if you use first and last)

    Yeah, you can make up a name – but it’s not as much fun!

    Pretty tricky, eh? 😉

  4. Oh my, I do love being here with all you guys.  I just spent 10 minutes getting teary on your green PEACE train/bus!  Even if your posting time is “frequently irregular,” that’s a plus!  Look forward to what comes next.

    Blessings and Happy New Year Forward/Further…

  5. I didn’t know all this was going on. Especially looking forward to the Trippin Tuesdays, so I can finally get to wear that tie-dyed t-shirt!    

    • RiaD on January 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    If having my very own logo doesn’t inspire me to write again, I don’t know what will!

    Do you have a space/time that looks empty that you’d like me to shoot for?

    I hope people find the series tab to be a really useful tool to catch-up on all your favorites with one click. I don’t surf around much, but I’ve never seen this anywhere else… another unique feature- found only at docudharma!

    • RiaD on January 2, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Asian News by mishima on Saturday mornings!!!

    A really cool pagoda in sihlouette with a sunrise behind?

  6. It looks great. And thanks for including my series. It might motivate me to get back to the original topic!

    Just one question, when I click on any of the series, I get html code. In case it matters, I’m on IE 6.  

  7. …or that they have graphics, but I post regularly my “Quotes for Discussion” series here, as well as my current series “Understanding the Subprime Crisis: A Narrative”.

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