Building an Alternative News Source

Well it was an interesting evening piecing together the bare bones of an alternative news source.  First I found a host that uses wind and solar power to run their servers, then picked out a domain with a little help from the people on Kos. The registration took a little longer than usual simply because it was a Holiday.  I was emailed my confirmation letter with all of my passwords and login information.

If you are signing up with a host for the first time be sure to save your confirmation emails and print them out, you may need them in the future.  Then read all of the helpful information about how their system works.  Most will have an online file manager, script installation system, database management, email system, and a few other tools in their control panels. If the database management software utilizes Microsoft Access, you may want to keep away from it or you’ll be looking for numerous errors in Microsoft Access causing you issues before you even get to start.

Since I am not setting up a typical blog I skipped the script installation for now and looked instead for a one-off template.  Something I could play with and tweak to meet my needs.  I found a great one online and began customizing it.  Once the home page was filled with content I uploaded it along with the associated files, with this template there was a folder of images and a CSS* script.  The CSS script controls the look of the pages involved in the news pages.  There is an advantage to having all of your pages in a  folder controlled by one script in that you don’t have to manually adjust each page when it is time to change the look of your site.

So now it is at a stopping point until I can figure out the subcategories and recruit some more sources…this means you.  If you’d like your blog’s headlines included in the mix of progressive news being served up please let me know.  Just add your blog’s URL in the comments and I’ll include it in one of the sections.

* CSS – Cascading Style Sheets (refers to the appearance of the scripting on the page)


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  1. for this project will be to have a home page that gathers many liberal sources into one readable, enjoyable, package.  

    • Tigana on January 3, 2008 at 12:44

    He’s holding it together.  

    • Edger on January 3, 2008 at 14:32

    you’re welcome to include OOIBC, nlob.

    Our “Recent Posts” list in the left sidebar there is a widgetbox headline/post title link list widget that can be installed anywhere…. same with the scrolling Member Blogs list that you see in the right sidebar here.

    • Edger on January 3, 2008 at 15:21
  2. go here;

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