U.S. Comedian P.A.C. Endorses Huckabee

BURBANK, CA. At a press conference today from Beautiful Downtown Burbank, The Unknown Comic announced the formation of a Political Action Committee comprised of many of America’s foremost comics.

“Individually, we cannot endorse a candidate as we have each sworn to uphold the Comedicratic Oath to ridicule every politician equally. But as a group we can anonymously support Mike Huckabee, and therefore have formed The United Professional Comedians for Huckabee.   (U.P.C.HUCK)  

He’s a Godsend!”

The comic, who shall remain unknown, went on to say that although U.P.C.HUCK opposes all of Huckabee’s positions on everything, his election in 2008 would be in the best financial interest of the Comedy Industry.

The vote was nearly unanimous, with only one negative vote for Huckabee.

Following the announcement, several prominent members agreed to make statements providing that their identities were withheld.

    “If this guy is nominated, I can think of at least

10 Top Reasons he should be elected President.

Number One would be..”

“Because it would prove that God has a sense of humor. Which would explain both the existence of the Duck Billed Platypus and Mike Hukabee’s election.”






  “Hey, Huck’s a riot. So much material to work with, mostly from his old suits.”

Let’s see, he gave a get out of jail card to a murderer..well, maybe scratch that one.

 Oh, he denied abortion funding for a mentally impaired 15 year-old that was raped by her step father….uh, skip that one too.

Hey, can I change my vote to Romney, he wears Magic Underwear.”




 “3 reasons I support him, Huckabee , Huckabee, Huckabee.

…it’s a funny name.”

“Think of the new catch phrases we can use;

Huck of a job, Brownie!

What the huck?

We’re hucked.”

“And then there’s the God talking to him on his cellphone bit.

No wonder the RNC is broke. Heaven is way out of their calling area.”






 The lone dissenting vote was cast from the Blue Dog Wing of U.P.C.HUCK.


I just can’t support this man after what his son, the Boy Scout, did to our Little Augie Doggie. Sure, some of the stuff he does leaves me howling in laughter, but any one who fails to discipline his kid for torturing and killing a dog…. he could have at least smacked him on the nose with a newspaper or made him sleep in the garage.

 I support Rudy, now there’s a guy who cares about dogs. I mean, police protection for his mistress’ pooch…now that passes my sniff test.

Also, I think it’s not right to laugh at a man’s religion. After all, God is Dog spelled backwards. ”



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    • snud on December 20, 2007 at 17:19
  1. until AFTER Tancredo dropped out!

    I heard there was some vicious back room politikin going on.

    And of course, the Senile Dementia Is Hilarious lobby is still upset that they didn’t go for McCain.

    • snud on December 20, 2007 at 17:29

    Ooops! Wrong guy, Fido!

    Law Enforcement Can Be Delicious!

    • Zwoof on December 20, 2007 at 17:37

    someone to say..

    Nice graphics Zwoof!  Did you do them?

    and I would say..

    Why yes I did.  Thank you.

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