Joe Klein on the Dodd Filibuster

I thought it would be a good idea to post the entirety of Klein’s posts since Monday, at Swampland and at Time Magazine, on the Dodd filibuster maneuver and Reid’s pulling of the FISA telecom immunity bill:

On November 26, Glenn Greenwald noted, “In the last five days alone, Klein has now written five separate times about his FISA debacle”.

Also on November 26, Klein wrote:

I have neither the time nor legal background to figure out who’s right (ADD: about this minor detail of a bill that will never find its way out of the Congress). A court would probably have to make that determination if the House Democratic bill ever became law. But it won’t. Some version of the bill now working its way through the Senate probably will be the final Congressional product. It will most likely (a) be bipartisan (b) including generally acceptable language on basket warrants and (c) some sort of limited immunity deal for telecoms that can prove they received specific requests from the Bush Administration for information of the sort that will be made legal by the revised FISA reform–in other words, a grandfather clause. Again, let me say that I’m whole-heartedly in favor of such a bill…and George Bush won’t be. But he won’t have a choice if it is passed by a veto-proof majority.

Incidentally, in the Time “Person of the Year” edition, Klein will give “Teddy Awards” (named after Teddy Roosevelt dontcha know) for political courage to three Democratic candidates for President: to Hillary Clinton for revisiting health care on the campaign trail, to Joe Biden for voting for Iraq funding, and to Barack Obama for saying he was in favor of merit pay for teachers, which lost him the teachers’ unions.  Klein appears to have posted this story to the Time Magazine website on Tuesday, December 18.  Dodd is not mentioned.


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  3. The guy is bereft of a single clue.

    And on the Republican side, the “courage” of

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