Solidarity With The WGA: What We Can Do

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Today, AMTP broke off negotiations with the Writers Guild (WGA).  This is not a good development and may prolong the strike.

What, if anything, can we do to support the WGA strikers and to be in solidarity with the WGA?

Join me on the right side of this picket line.

I have suggested that all of us who are writers and bloggers post the following badge on our blogs.

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I notice that this badge is NOT yet on docudharma.  Post the f*cking badge, Buhdy!  Also, I notice that it’s not on dKos.  And it’s not on most of sites in left blogistan. C’mon folks I know you know how to do this!

* Maybe we should write on our blogs and LTEs in support of the WGA and against the obvious greed grab of writer funds the AMTA has in mind.

* Maybe we should write scathing reviews of re-runs of TV shows and shows that suck because they have no writers making new material.

* Maybe we should be sending nasty grams to AMTA.

Beyond that, I don’t know what else to suggest that will support the WGA and end the strike on terms favorable to our fellow writers.

That’s where you, dear dharma blogueros, come in.

Please put your suggestions about how we can support the strike in the comments, and then let’s follow up by actually doing those things.  Let’s get this strike done, and let’s have a writers’ victory!


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    • davidseth on December 9, 2007 at 12:57 am

    Also available in orange.

    I am so thankful that I don’t have to deal with the AMTA.  I really want to support our brother and sister writers!!

  1. I don’t have an answer, but I’ve got friends in the guild, so I’ll ask them and get back to you (might take a day or two).    

  2. I’ve done all I can for the PBWH for tonight.  SallyCat took over on Kos with that issue.  Thanks again Sally you are doing very very well.

    Give me an hour to think and work.  I’ll post another comment with my thoughts and courses of action.

  3. recuperating.  It would be OTB’s job to post the badge on here.  In the meantime I’ll add it to our wiki and a blog or two of my own along with requests to do the same.

    More later.

  4. with a little news. The writers have set up a blog ( and there’s a petition to sign in support.

    If anyone’s got a buck, they’re selling boxes of pencils, seriously!! (hold on, I can’t stop laughing!). Plus there’s information on upcoming fund raisers, including one with Lewis Black no less, who should be in full battle mode, and all kinds of dirt on the AMPTP’s idea of “negotiations.” Great stuff!!



    and the front page of the Dharmapedia

    more in a bit

  6. this was the motto that worked in Crawford, it is an excellent motto to have.  It puts people into a creative mindset rather than a confrontational one.

    Gathered together in this strike are some of the best brains we could hope for.  Their blog is already doing very well for their cause, they could use more interaction with their visitors.  

    Encourage them to put up fun polls, do Question and Answer sessions with other bloggers, exclusive interviews with any blog they choose, and then they could try:

    1.  The never ending blog post.  To my knowledge this hasn’t been attempted yet but here is the plan.  Onewriter posts an essay/diary on any blog they choose, they then forward that post along with a request for a reply/continuation to another writer and so on and so on.

    It would be crucial to link all of the blog posts together.  Initially post a link to the one you are responding to and when the next one is written update the post to include a link to the following writer’s work.

    Why do this?  Including several peoples thought patterns into words associate with same topic (the strike), would attract the attention of every search engine and in turn people browsing the search engines.

    The faster it is done the better because it would result in a more realistic discussion with emotion and power.

    2. Progressive/Alternative/College Radio

    Taking advantage of this resource helped win a local election for me, we can use it here too.  Most all DJ’s now  have their emails listed on their websites.  Send off a quick email to see if they’d be interested in interviewing one of the writer’s.  At the same time arrange a small group of writers willing to respond to interview requests.  It makes it easier to connect people that way.

    3.  Yell Louder!

    Take advantage of every moment you are in public, do leaflet drops, walk with a friend and discuss the strike in crowds,  do some sidewalk art and take a photo, post it for the world to see.  etc. etc.

    That’s all I got I’m running on empty.  Need to rest my tiny noggin for a bit.


  7. scroll down a bit. Letter campaigns.

    I’ve been writing up strike news in orange instead of the TDS/TCR spoiler thread — as I find new action campaigns, I add them. I’ll start cross-posting or doing an action summary over here a few days a week — now that that diary series has turned into a news summary, I feel more comfortable exporting it.  

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