Pony Party….another Republican creep…

The ex-chief of staff to former Republican Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania was charged Tuesday with allegedly using his wife to accept kickbacks to help a consulting firm get federal funding.

….from the ABC News story

I’m sure nobody is surprised by this.  Another Republican creep using another Republican scheme to take advantage of ‘the system’…

Weldon, who is referred to only as “Representative A” in court documents, served on the firm’s governing council, according to court records.

Admiral Sestak took this seat from Weldon in ’06.  If I remember correctly, Weldon tried unsuccessfully to smear Sestak for taking his daughter, who had brain tumors, out of state for appropriate medical treatment.  Ok, I googled…and I DID remember correctly…

I tried, really, to find a more upbeat news story…but Weldon ticked me off so badly with his criticisms of Sestak’s medical decisions for his daughter that whenever I read his name my blood pressure goes up.  Sorry…

No recs for Republicans…or pony parties…



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    • pfiore8 on December 5, 2007 at 15:41

    how are the girls?

  1. what are we to expect though?  The Republican party reapage after thirty years of sowing the same fields with the same seeds of utter total self interests parading around as leadership ;).

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    America is waiting….

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