MarKos and the suppression of Impeachment Advocacy on DailyKos

I lack optimism while writing this because those who are willing to let Bush skate free for his war crimes and treason are legion and they are well-funded.

I’m very glad to see rjones2818’s frequent updates on Kucinich’s campaign. If not for Kucinich, we’d be deprived of even a glimmer of hope for justice in a very dark period of time.…

I’ve re-formatted the list of Kucinich position statements from rjones’ diary above. I want to make it as convenient as possible for people who won’t support Kucinich to know exactly what it is they’re not supporting.

Kucinich_12-pt_Plan.pdf 21KB Nov 27 2007 10:48:15 AM

Kucinich_Affirmative_Action.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:02 PM

Kucinich_African_American_Issues.pdf 38KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:05 PM

Kucinich_AIDS.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:07 PM

Kucinich_Aid_to_Africa.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:04 PM

Kucinich_Animal_Rights.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:09 PM

Kucinich_Anti-Ballistic_Missile_Treaty.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:12 PM

Kucinich_Arab_Americans.pdf 41KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:14 PM

Kucinich_Campaign_Finance.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:17 PM

Kucinich_Campaign_Reform_and_IRV.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:17 PM

Kucinich_Childrens_Issues.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:23 PM

Kucinich_Civil_Liberties.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:23 PM

Kucinich_Clean_Air.pdf 38KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:26 PM

Kucinich_Clean_Water.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:29 PM

Kucinich_Complementary_and_Alternative_M… 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:29 PM

Kucinich_Corporate_Power.pdf 39KB Nov 27 2007 10:48:04 AM

Kucinich_Crime.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:32 PM

Kucinich_Cuban_Embargo.pdf 30KB Nov 27 2007 10:48:11 AM

Kucinich_DC Statehood.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:36 PM

Kucinich_Death_Penalty.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:35 PM

Kucinich_Department_of_Peace.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:39 PM

Kucinich_Depleted_Uranium.pdf 36KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:43 PM

Kucinich_Disability_Rights.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:46 PM

Kucinich_Domestic_Violence.pdf 38KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:48 PM

Kucinich_Drug_War.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:52 PM

Kucinich_Economic_Justice.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:51 PM

Kucinich_Education.pdf 36KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:58 PM

Kucinich_Electronic_Voting.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:09:56 PM

Kucinich_Electronic_Waste.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:00 PM

Kucinich_Energy.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:04 PM

Kucinich_Environment.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:03 PM

Kucinich_Farm_Policy.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:06 PM

Kucinich_Forests_and_Logging_on_Public_L… 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:07 PM

Kucinich_Genetically_Engineered_Food.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:10 PM

Kucinich_Gun_Laws.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:12 PM

Kucinich_H-1B_and_L-1_Visas.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:19 PM

Kucinich_Haiti.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:16 PM

Kucinich_Hemp.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:20 PM

Kucinich_Housing.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:23 PM

Kucinich_Immigrants_Rights.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:25 PM

Kucinich_International_Cooperation.pdf 38KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:26 PM

Kucinich_Irish-Americans.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:29 PM

Kucinich_Jobs_Programs_Infrastructure.pdf 36KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:31 PM

Kucinich_Korea.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:36 PM

Kucinich_LGBTQ_Rights.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:40 PM

Kucinich_Mad_Cow_Disease.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:42 PM

Kucinich_Mandatory_Minimum_Sentences.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:45 PM

Kucinich_Manufacturing.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:45 PM

Kucinich_Marijuana_Decriminalization.pdf 39KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:49 PM

Kucinich_Media_Reform.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:48 PM

Kucinich_Medical_Marijuana.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:52 PM

Kucinich_Medicare_Bill.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:54 PM

Kucinich_Mental_Health.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:56 PM

Kucinich_Middle_East.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:10:58 PM

Kucinich_Military_Budget.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:00 PM

Kucinich_Minimum_Wage.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:05 PM

Kucinich_National_Security.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:10 PM

Kucinich_Native Americans.pdf 39KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:33 PM

Kucinich_Nuclear_Safety.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:15 PM

Kucinich_Nuclear_Weapons.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:18 PM

Kucinich_Open_Debates.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:17 PM

Kucinich_Organic_Farming.pdf 40KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:20 PM

Kucinich_Outsourcing_Jobs.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:23 PM

Kucinich_Patriot_Act.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:24 PM

Kucinich_Poverty.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:28 PM

Kucinich_Predatory_Lending.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:27 PM

Kucinich_Prescription_Drugs.pdf 34KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:31 PM

Kucinich_Public_Services.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:34 PM

Kucinich_Racial_Discrimination.pdf 31KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:35 PM

Kucinich_Reproductive Rights.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:40 PM

Kucinich_Seniors.pdf 39KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:41 PM

Kucinich_Small_Business_Growth.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:45 PM

Kucinich_Social_Security.pdf 36KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:44 PM

Kucinich_Sweat Shops.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:48 PM

Kucinich_Taxes.pdf 34KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:48 PM

Kucinich_Terrorism.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:50 PM

Kucinich_The_Arts.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:53 PM

Kucinich_The_Draft.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:53 PM

Kucinich_Torture.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:56 PM

Kucinich_Trade.pdf 32KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:56 PM

Kucinich_Universal_Health_Care.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:11:58 PM

Kucinich_Veterans.pdf 33KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:00 PM

Kucinich_Voting_Rights.pdf 35KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:05 PM

Kucinich_Vouchers.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:04 PM

Kucinich_Water_Human_Right.pdf 29KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:07 PM

Kucinich_Weapons_Non-Proliferation.pdf 34KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:12 PM

Kucinich_Workers_Rights.pdf 37KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:19 PM

Kucinich_World_Hunger.pdf 30KB Nov 26 2007 11:12:15 PM

There’s one other thing which is a more immediate concern than great and detailed vision Kucinich has. It’s about protecting our freedom and our constitution from a traitor. Kucinich is the spear-head on impeachment.

My time is precious to me.

I feel burned by my experience as a “netroots” activist. I could have spent earning money to spend on my family.

The only thing which could make me feel that my efforts were not wasted is if Bush is impeached.

If we get a milquetoast DINO who covers up for Bush’s war crimes, I’ll be very disappointed, yet relieved that we don’t have an apocalypse-seeking, delusional Republican crusader.

The outcome of a Democratic victory in 2008 without impeachment will cause me to withdraw from participation with the so-called “netroots” for a long while.

Instead, I’ll focus on earning money.

I’ll earn my money honestly, not like the weasels who are pretending to “crash the gates” while they’re actually working for the gate-keepers to protect the corrupt King George from the wrath of the peasant revolt.


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    • Balzac on December 26, 2007 at 20:11

    I’m behind on my work and I can’t spare any more time for impeachment advocacy unless I see that impeachment actually happening. At that point, I’ll be back to share in the glee and I’ll get another trolling account to gloat at DailyKos. If impeachment doesn’t happen, I’ll have nothing constructive to say for a long while and I’ll mind my own business.

  1. I don’t understand the headline on this diary. And I don’t understand why this diary is posted here with that headline.  dKos suppresses impeachment advocacy.  OK.  Kucinich is the best candidate.  Fine.  You don’t like what goes on at dKos?  Fine. But why bring that here?

    I’m not going back to Orange until mid-February, if then.  And I consider this one of the places where I can avoid what I consider the present toxicity of dKos.

    So my question is simple (and rhetorical): why do I care about grievances with dKos?  Or its founder?  Or whatever he might think or believe?  And what’s that got to do with this site or with me?

  2. we printed off a few thousand brochures with a header reading “Join Netroots, Guarenteed Fun Prizes and Success” before we realized it was a bit misleading.

    I feel burned by my experience as a “netroots” activist.

    I guess one got to you before we could shred them all.

  3. All of our idealistic work ended up in the penultimate success story of the year, Santa was real, etc. ad nauseum. Truth is change is hard work. There is little as satisfying as eating a meal prepared from foods you have grown yourself, but to get there you have to plant the crops, water them, weed them, water them some more, weed them some more, etc. And you don’t grow those crops in your living room. The Orange was a great place for me for a year or so as I discovered the joys of this Wonderful World of the Web. To this day I visit there usually finding something of worth to read, a diary from an admired author or something, but I don’t live there. Yes it is disappointing that Kos doesn’t want impeachment on his table either, if the site would be working actively for kicking the bums out, I think it would be invaluable, but it isn’t required. The impeachment, or eventual civil trails aren’t required either, as much as I drool at the prospect. Darkness flees from light, darkness has only the strength lent to it by the observer, it seems to me that if I can spend my time working in the light, no matter how mundane my work might be, it is pushing the dark back. I am very glad that Buhdy started this site, it offers more light than others I have discovered, and the concept of no Kos bashing is part and parcel of that light. Fighting the dark only lends it energy, working on worthy endeavors leads one away from it.

    God what a sappy post, I’m going to start quoting the I Ching next. At any rate be well all and have a good year coming up.  

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