Leaving The Matrix

undercovercalico yesterday – The American Dream: Time to Wake Up:

…the persistent and pervasive belief in the American dream is what undercuts both serious talk about class and it acts as a safety valve to protect our current system against peaceful but radical change.

It’s called a dream because… you have to be asleep to believe it:

UCC closed with

Until ordinary Americans can be pried away from the American dream and encouraged to formulate a new one, they will always view progressives with fear and distrust and our ability to build coalitions will be hindered. Ordinary Americans aren’t stupid or unaware. They know something is wrong. They suspect long held deals have been trashed, but articulating an alternative requires them to reject long held notions.

Anyone who’s read most of my comments knows that they all boil down to one thing: trying to remind as many people as possible that they are not powerless, that each of us, working together have the power to turn everything around, or from the politicians in Washington’s view – upside down.

You’ll know that I think, from the kind of comments that Democratic Party apologists post, such as this one for example, that one of the first steps we need to take en mass, is to make it as subtle as a ball peen hammer or a club between their eyes that we are no longer listening to them… that it is them that need to listen to us, or lose their power and position.

The election system is not yet broken and corrupted so badly that it cannot be used as that club…

They need to be terrorized into doing their jobs, or marginalized out of political existence if they will not.

There is still almost a year before the 2008 elections. And I know I repeat myself often, but I believe that the Congressional leadership and senators and representatives who are up for reelection next year, and Democratic presidential candidates, need to be placed in stark cold sweating terror of losing their congressional majority, and of not winning the White House, before they will feel motivated to make any substantial and fundamental changes at all…

As long as they remain confident that they will have the votes they need without doing what they were hired to do, they will continue to ignore the peasants, the, in their minds, “stupid ignorant fucks who don’t understand” real politics. The rabble who just are too dumb to get that If they were poor and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they would be arrested for loitering, but because they have ‘Impeach Bush’ across their chest, it’s the First Amendment.”

They – democratic candidates – need to be told, and they need to be told NOW, they need to have it made as clear and forcefully as you can make it NOW, that they will have your support, that they will have your volunteer work, that they will have your money, you contributions, that they will have your vote next year.

But not just by promising to do something. ONLY by doing something.

Do what? Each candidate needs to be told that they must pressure the democratic leadership in Congress to do the things you want them to do, and they will have your vote WHEN those things have been done, and not before.

A radical concept? Vote for RESULTS. Not for PROMISES.

I’m talking to you here – not just the collective you of all readers – but YOU – the single person reading this right now… and I have two questions for YOU:

What is there to be afraid of?

Can things get any worse if you stand up for yourself when they call or knock on your door?

Don’t HOPE they’ll do what you want. TELL them what to do. And MAKE them do it.

Never Give An Inch

Because they are not giving you even a millimeter.

The election system is not yet broken and corrupted so badly that it cannot be used as that club… YET.

But you know they’re working on it…


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    • Edger on December 16, 2007 at 15:03

    • pfiore8 on December 16, 2007 at 16:32

    fucking Carlin is fucking great

    thanks Edger. primed and ready. let’s hobble these red white and blue dicks!

  1. the more I appreciate George Carlin, that was a great bit.

    A little confession: I have dragged my feet on getting citizenship rather intentionally. I know that the Dem candidate who gets it will ditch progressive ideals if they have any for the campaign, and I am not naive enough to think any Dem candidate is a lock. We could get another Republican President. The right is not struggling on life support by any means.

  2. The One

    • Edger on December 16, 2007 at 18:29

    He was an unlikely opera singer: by day Paul Potts sold cell phones in South Wales and confessed that summoning self-confidence was “always difficult.” But Paul persevered. “My dream is to spend my life doing what I was born to do,” he said simply. Watch him defy expectations on a June 2007 episode of “Britain’s Got Talent” –and in the course earn a standing ovation from an audience of over two thousand.

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