Family Polling Over Xmas?

We are all beautiful people, with so much to give…..

Wait, that is Al Green…I think. My mind is still mush after traveling, let me try again…

We are all politically minded folks here and I assume that at least some of us are able to talk politics with our close and extended families. And since we are coming out of the biggest family gathering of the year, I would love to hear YOUR families views on the big issues of the day.

I was able to ask the fam two clear questions before they were distracted by shiny new toys and various other fattening and/or inebriating distractions. The brief results are below the fold…

16 adults were interviewed for this poll. The two questions: Should Bush be impeached and who are you voting for in the primaries.

The results: Question 1) Relatively surprising for a family that rarely agrees on anything, is NOT particularly informed politically, but is pretty much all liberal or progressive……a unanimous yes. No question, some passion expressed…and also a universal opinion that there is no way that it will happen and general lamentation over what the country has become since 9/11. To sum up, everyone thought it should happen, but everyone feels less powerful and more hopeless than ever to influence their government. Much despair at where we are heading.

Question 2) Who are you voting for in the primary (California and NY)

Results: 14 for Obama, 1 for Giuliani, 1 for either Edwards or Kucinich…whoever they feel would make their (expressed as hopelessly optimistic) vote most effective.

Giuliani was a BIG surprise…but it was from the least informed person politically, they thought he would keep us safe (!?!?!) The most informed person had a rather surprising list…Obama, Edwards….McCain!

The overwhelming consensus for Obama was a surprise too. A couple of people mouthed some RW talking points when I asked about Edwards after the vote. They all promised to stop that, lol!

So…there you have it, an unscientific poll of an unusual American family. Impeach Bush and elect Obama…and generalized despair at all things political.

What were your results?


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  2. in here since I didn’t see my family. And if I did, I wouldn’t have bothered with a pol.

    But then, what the hell.

    The first one would be easy – a resounding NO. They are still part of the 26% kool-aid drinking crowd.

    On the second question – I’d guess Huckabee/Thompson. Don’t know that they could take the leap to either Romney (mormon, you know) or Guiliani (NO Gays!!). And ever since 2000, they HATE McCain. But where they are going in this one is something I have been curious about. Originally they were hoping for a smackdown between Condi and Hillary.

  3. Results of recent phone poll:

    Answer to Question 1: Impeach? Who? Why?

    Answer to Question 2: Primary? When is it? Oh, two weeks. I don’t know who I’m voting for. Who’s running?

    And they wonder why I never go back there.

    • kj on December 30, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    My sibs:

    1.) Impeachment?  Did we already do that to Bill and Monica?

    2.) Thompson / Huckabee

    My in-laws

    1.)  Impeachment?  What a radical liberal socialist heathen evil notion!

    @.) BushII, BushI, Jeb / Ron Paul

  4. children: impeach?  Definitely, some cursing, and passionate carrying on.  Primary: 2 Obama, 1 Edwards.

    relatives: Impeach? Of course, some shaking heads, some muttering.  Primary: 1 Clinton, 1 Edwards, 1 Obama, 1 “the little guy like me.”

    at work: Impeach?  Yes. “Impeach all the mfers.”  Primary: “I could care less. Anybody who’s not a Republican.”

    Consensus:  I have no idea what is going on in the rest of America.  But here in the PRNY, fugeddaboutit.

    • RiaD on December 30, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    impeach: 5 hell yeah!

    vote: 1 kucinich(me), 1 richardson, 3 i dunno

  5. is a life-long registered Republican.  He has finally come to his senses about Bush and now plans to vote for Hillary Clinton.  LOL!  That was the last thing I ever expected to hear from his lips.    On the other hand… it kind of tells me all about Hillary I need to know.  (Repub-lite)  

    • Alma on December 31, 2007 at 2:59 am


    At least 2- Edwards

    But probably only 4 of the Kucinich will make it to the primary, and since we are Michigan, Edwards isn’t on it, and it won’t be counted if you write him in.  Edwards voters are told to vote uncommitted.  So I don’t know if the Edwards ones will vote uncommitted, or for Kucinich which was their pick last election.

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