Edwards Mops The Floor With Republicans

like no other Democrat, feigned or real.


Edwards makes no attempt to be more Republican than the Republicans like Clinton.  He doesn’t seek to get along like Obama.  

Edwards is not appealing to the mythical middle class of the DLC.  He is talking to the people.  People don’t count for much these days.

Edwards is not the plutocratic candidate with money to burn.  He doesn’t have the glamor and the backing of the two that occupy the front of the stage.  Most polls don’t even bother to record the horrendous drubbing Edwards would deal the Republicans.

Thought someone here might like to know before Edwards is banished forever from the scene.

Best,  Terry  


  1. I was just a block away from the Bowery when I did a flop.  I told them at the hospital that it was my wife that must have hit me when I wasn’t looking.  She just stood there laughing like Hillary Clinton.  Considering some of the other cases coming in, it might have been good I didn’t talk too loudly.  They took a CAT skin.  Nothing up there.  My wife could have told them that.  They took 13 stitches.  Must have had a lot of extra thread.

    Just so you know how I could be supporting John Edwards instead of one of the Republicrats.

    Best,  Terry

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