A change of scenery

I spent about a week and a half out of town over the holiday.  Not only was it my first ever paid vacation but it was also my first time visiting Boston.  While I was there I finally had a chance to clear my head and re-evaluate a few things.

So good news everybody!  I’m moving to Boston 🙂

Why Boston?

Well for one, this picture I took of a cobblestone street in the north side of the city.

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Just point and click.  The city is beautiful.  Like every where you go.  Ornate churches next to brickwork townhouses, sprinkled with high rise glass plate buildings.  They’ve actually done a decent job in developing around the history.  It’s very unique and strikes me as distinctively American.    

And obviously it has a very rich history.  Which I love.

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My biggest fear about death is that I won’t be able to think anymore.  

My second greatest fear is that I will be forgotten.  

I don’t think either of those are unique, but nonetheless they are mine.

Those who impact the world the most are remembered after their death.  And those of us still wondering around in this life are meant to learn those lessons.  

At least that’s what I always assumed was going on.  

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I enjoy visiting cemeteries for this reason.  I’m not particularly morbid, it’s just an interesting way to see how people choose to be remembered/remember others.  

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For a long time I lived outside of Washington DC.  The monuments and buildings there feel cold and impartial.  I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Even Virginia seems cautious in it’s celebration of history.  But Boston is filled with good old American biased.  It’s the revolutionaries that are remembered here.  It’s the community.  Much more my style.

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Every bar, restaurant and building has some incredible story that goes along with it.  Even Cheers 🙂  Did you know there are two Cheers in Boston?  The real one, and a fake one for tourists.  (My sister made a great city guide!)

This is a picture from the real one.

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We visited the harbor, which was also ridiculously beautiful.

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(ok, could I sell a yacht to rich people with that picture?)

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And I rode the waves with some dolphins.  They were really nice about it.

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I’ve also ridden an inanimate giraffe while visiting South of the Border.  I think this will be a reoccurring theme of mine.

We also took my little sister out to celebrate her 21st birthday……

umm…I’ll just leave those pictures out of this.

It was painful the next morning, but I talked with a lot of great Bostonians(?) about the city while we were out.  The history, the state of things, community and politics.  

From the first day I decided this was the place for me.  I’ve lived around the country, visited countless cities and I’ve never really connected with a location as much as in Boston.  Plus I’ve been desperate for a drastic change in scenery.  Especially one that doesn’t require owning a car.

I can’t afford to leave the country, and honestly sometimes I don’t want to.  If everyone who understands the mess we’re in now keeps leaving the country what good will it do?  (ok, it could just be sour grapes.  

Alright, I’m pretty sure it is sour grapes.  

What?  That doesn’t make it any less valid of a point…)

If I do have to be stuck in the US it might as well be in a place that historically has been able to hold it’s own.  NY is a little too overwhelming for me.  So Boston it is.

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Oh yeah, anyone need to hire a Chemist?  Preferably in about 6-7 months.  I’ll work for peanuts as long as it’s not a pharmaceutical company or a corporation (which is really hard to find by the way) in the Boston/Cambridge area.  

Currently my plan is to sneak my way into grad school through the back door at MIT by working in the research department first.

That should work, right?  

Let’s see, I may also need a roommate.  And possibly some furniture….

Seriously, any information would be greatly appreciated!  I only know 2 people in Boston and they may not be there by the time I move.


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  1. Great pictures.  I hope the move goes smoothly!

    Oh, and you have to learn to say “chowder” correctly.

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    • pfiore8 on December 5, 2007 at 20:36

    an accessible city with great neighborhoods and architecture and food…

    good move VC!

    • RiaD on December 5, 2007 at 20:54

    Nothing like finding the place that feels like home! Good Luck to you in your New Home & (hopefully soon) Great Job.

    • srkp23 on December 5, 2007 at 22:41

    What an exciting decision! Your plan sounds excellent and all that you wish for will be yours. Yes, I have a crystal ball and it works perfectly! … except for when I ask about myself. 😉

    • kj on December 5, 2007 at 23:19

    ohhhhhhh, am so happy for you!  Fantastic choice. I would move back in heartbeat.  Love, love, love that city.  🙂

    • oculus on December 6, 2007 at 00:10

    talking about an electronic device by which the deceased rotting in the coffin underground could communicate with the living, kind of join in the conversation when being discussed above ground.  

  2. Congrats on your new town, it looks terrific!

  3. I haven’t visited. I really don’t like vacationing in cities – but I’d make an exception for Boston.

    That first picture is especially gorgeous – looks like something from a Dickens novel – only in the US.  

    • pfiore8 on December 6, 2007 at 02:07

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    this has it all… old stones in the french countryside AND food… yes!  

    • pfiore8 on December 6, 2007 at 02:15

    and i couldn’t get enough of stone buildings with painted wood, like the Hotel Le Guilhaume d’Orange

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  4. you’re interested in, send them a brief but formal email with your cv and transcript. Be sure to say something about your research interests and career goals (though some people won’t accept a grad student unless they’re intent on a top-tier academic job – I wish I were kidding).

    Also, give some consideration to Boston College and Brandeis. Both have very respectable chemistry departments.

    • Turkana on December 6, 2007 at 08:57

    fenway park!

  5. Congrats on your plans!

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    • Bikemom on December 7, 2007 at 04:42

    I think you’ve seen more of the city than I have since moving here a year and a half ago.  I actually live in a suburb to the south.

    MIT – hmm – I know this isn’t kosher for docudharma  but I hear they’re always looking for people to operate their nuclear reactor on campus… Even if you are anti-nuke it would be a great way to get an insider’s perspective on the industry as well as getting your foot in the door…

    If you’d like to have dinner with us sometime we’d love to have you over (if you don’t mind a most un-hip location and rambunctious youngsters.) – you can email me at [email protected].  

    So glad I saw this – I rarely blog these days!! And BTW – great diary as always!

      • oculus on December 6, 2007 at 02:28

      was born in Brussels, then spent some of her childhood in Westchester County, New York, then to Florida, Virginia, and Southern California.  She took a job in Boston because she wanted a true winter.  She got it.  After two winters, she moved to Miami.

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