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Adrian Peterson suffered a probable right knee sprain in yesterday’s loss, and was scheduled to have an MRI today.  Fingers crossed….I love watching this kid play…


Warriors fans are waiting for November 16th, for Stephen Jackson to return from his 7-day suspension.  Their 0-5 start can’t ALL be blamed on the suspension….can it??  We shall see…

Boston alone remains undefeated (5-0).

Minnesota and Seattle also remain winless; Minnesota’s 0-5 record matches Golden State’s, the Sonics are 0-7.  


Mark Messier, Ron Francis, Scott Stevens, and Al MacInnis will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight.  Swoon factor 7…

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Mess once winked and smiled at me during warmups.  I’d like to think he agreed with me that Ed Jovanovski sucks, but he was probably more grateful that I got “Jovo-cop” all fired up for their (at the time, the Canucks) game vs. the Flyers that night.  A girl can dream, right…??

The term “god” is bandied about…but that doesn’t make it any less apt when applied appropriately…

Hair dryer?  😉

Ok, ok…I’ll stop….but there are many, many more Messier videos here for your (and my…repeated…) enjoyment  😉


Ohio State’s drop to #7 in the polls surprises nobody…probably not even them…and LSU has largely regained top billing.  Only the CBSSports poll has Oregon at #1 and LSU at #2…while the others reverse that order.  Oklahoma, Kansas, and West Virginia round out the top 5 in most polls.

Tim Tebow (QB, Florida) is slightly ahead of Dennis Dixon (QB, Oregon) in Heisman polling so far….


Carolina, UCLA, and Memphis are vying for top billing in the polls.  


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  1. i dont know what that subject line says….its what showed up while i was taking a last bite of my dinner before moving it from the keyboard to type (bad habit, i know)…

    sorry there isnt more to the locker room tonight…i spent most of my  free time today trying to format what little content i did have in the newer beta-nonsense-way so the angry red letters would go away….


    • pfiore8 on November 13, 2007 at 03:32

    wanna hear something funny? i told nocatz i’d be in the NL in a few weeks and he asked, hahahahahaha, if i was going to the hahahahaha National League.

    he doesn’t know me very well, does he?

    • oculus on November 13, 2007 at 03:35

    cath of a 97 yard pass in the U of M loss Saturday?  

  2. Classy guy. Messier, he was a genius and mean.

  3. NFL – Joey throws the winning TD pass with seconds to go as Atlanta beats Carolina 20-13. Now would be a good time for him to retire saying “I’ve proved my point”.

    NCAA football – Ducks move up to #2 in the BCS standings. Let’s enjoy it while we can. First of all there’s the 2007 #2 curse, where all #2 teams lose their next game. Secondly, Kansas or Oklahoma will pass UO based on computer rankings. Or Missouri…one of those three, and it’ll be LSU vs Big 12 winner.

    NBA – Sonics are 0-7. Which was the better pick? An injured Greg Oden or a 38.9% shooting Kevin Durant? If Oden can return I’d choose him.

    NCAA basketball – Ducks are going for a win in the World Vision International tournament tonight against “powerhouse” Western Michigan. eh…..guess I can’t get excited about the season yet. Wake me up in March.

    • nocatz on November 13, 2007 at 05:21

    if we post rugby news

    Leinster (6) 22

    Tries: Horgan

    Cons: Contepomi

    Pens: Contepomi 5

    Leicester (6) 9

    Pens: Goode 3

    Last season’s beaten finalists Leicester opened their Heineken Cup campaign with a defeat as Leinster produced a fine display in Dublin.

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